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Like Sylvia Soleil…Dearest, Robin…

Robin Williams killed himself two days ago. I want to accuse him of being selfish, but since Sylvia Soleil is a character of mine who does the same think when she feels it is time, I am compelled to rethink. I wrote the following hours after I heard the news and today I read that one of my speculations was not only true, but worked in tandem with the character I am developing now: Sylvia Soleil the scientist who develops a controversial, yet, beneficial neuro-toxin that eliminates the marriage debt.

Did Robin have a terminal illness? Was it depression? perhaps he’s like Sherlock and need to work in order to feel useful. Stimulated.
I had a moment of synchronicity this past Sunday afternoon recalling Mork’s chanting mantra: Mork calling Orson…Come in, Orson. Perhaps Robin’s mind is synching with the Collective Unconscious now; forgiven, welcomed and given a choice to continue Samsara or elevate to Nirvana.
Thank you for sharing your talent, Robin, Pleasant Journey. I hope that you are no longer hurting and that the Universe will be kind to you.

Much love,

Ashanti Miller


“Moon Child”

Found a name. No, I’m not using the Neverending Story reference, but in fact an element of my comic that was inspired by the film. It’s all nice and relevant to Superficial and everything.

Carry on!

The Great Conversation

I’ve recently renamed by blog, for I recently found out that Felt Tip Faerie is a derisive term for a Gay person who works in the visual arts. I am a bit disappointed in my college professor who mentioned the term in the context of how industrial designers are regarded in the U.K. I thought it meant fantasy artist, which is perfect for my fantasy comic, however, the truth reared it’s ugly head hence the need for a name change.
I am not certain of the new title. The Great Conversation is in reference to philosophy which I do share a lot of on this blog. However, it might be tad pretentious. I’m sure something else more appropriate will come to me, but until then, this title will do. I simply do not like offending people, so the Felt-tip Faerie, as charming as the name sounds, is not the proper title of a progressive minded web blog.

Until a proper name is found,

Soleil Smile

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