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Me Too Hits Home: a solution…

Me Too Hits Home: a solution…

blackLicorice_02Black licorice. An anaphrodisiac that rock stars, who want to stay faithful to their wives, consume when they are on tour. These are also good for when a dude is between relationships. It shows the pituitary gland who’s boss! Save yourself from making a stupid mistake that will ruin your life and break the hearts of those who love you! If your system is prone to be compulsive, hinder the damn semen count with marjoram, black licorice and variety of other treats. Take a break, work on your manners between relationships. Most of all, give your psyche time to heal so you don’t pass on so much of the baggage from your previous relationship into the next!

There is this much spoken of observation of men that they have no problem moving on to the next person right after a break up. There’s next to no period of mourning. It’s just on to the next female–wherever she may be. Women can do the same, but few few do. Not everyone can be Coco Chanel and think the best way to get over an old love is new love, to use the sanitize version of the quote. For the rest of us, relationships are a huge emotional investment that takes time to heal when the it fails.

The person, who I still love and appreciate, had a bad break up with the most beautiful woman in his industry and did not wait to cultivate another one with a woman of his own age. Older women aren’t naive, therefore the great mentor of the television animation renaissance used his power to lure a new love. This time, someone young and naive enough to train to his tastes. He did so–TWICE.

Where were his friends? I’m finger-pointing here, but FRIENDS DON’T LET FRIENDS MAKE THIS MISTAKE. I worked with the person in question when he was in the inappropriate relationship with his ingenue. I thought nothing of because I had no idea she was underages. She’s look about 23 to my 27. I was clueless. Even if I were, I was not old enough to tell the now “predatory mentor” how to run his life. I would’ve been powerless.

Being older is so liberating. You been through so much shit, you don’t mind losing friends and jobs for warning people. John Kricfalusi was IMPORTANT to so many of us. How DARE he throw all of that love away by predating on underage girls. Draw the girls, don’t touch them! Now he will have to leave the industry forever and possibly face incarceration. What a waste!
This is how good of a director John was:
blackLicorice_03He was a visual and kinesthetic communicator–which rare in both teachers and managers. We would spend random afternoons drawing gags for storyboards. Most other television director give you a 40 minute lecture and send you back to you desk—and then have the nerve to yell at you for not interpreting the script properly or laying out the scene the wrong way. Oh, and if they don’t yell, they blacklist you through their gossip. Yes, these are geeks who have the nerve to gossip like a bevy of tabloid it girls. Beware of directors. They aren’t gods nor are they as virtuous as their positions suggest. Billy Wilder slammed Marylin Monroe who publicly told him to “Eat shit”. The directors of Futurma and Dilbert raked me across the coals to their peers, ruining me forever…except in the eyes of John K.
We clicked like a snap and grommit. Sure, I got yelled at, but I knew how to fix my mistakes, because he would draw what he wanted changed. I’ve been told that a director doesn’t want to end up doing all the drawing himself. Well, he sure as shite better supply thumbnails. Only 20% of the world’s people are auditory learners and animation is a visual field. Bust out the prismacolors and draw! Or do I suspect that a director’s crew can draw rings around director? Yeah, that unwillingness to draw thumbnails is also harbored in intimidation by one’s minions. That shouldn’t matter when a crew are all friends. Spumco was a studio of friends.

John, I still appreciate you and love you, but what you did was wrong. There is “age of consent” (which varies greatly from state to state) and you should’ve been aware that families are quick to sell their daughters. People are as outraged over the parents naiveté (I suspect consent, since the families were poor), but so many people are so sheltered that they have no idea that daughters are only commodities, or to be quite blunt: for sale to the highest bider.

I hope amends are made to Robyn and Katie, and that John bounces back from this. Until then, may this be a lesson to all budding artists: Drawing is a dream but the industry isn’t. The workday is so long and strenuous that it’s difficult to develop and maintain personal  lives. You have one go to find your spouse in college and that’s it. This is true of all white collar and skilled labor jobs that require college degrees. It’s a real problem. A problem so intense that it drives desperate acts of adrenal stupidity.



Out of My Psyche

  • ...and I am so sorry... Despite a tremendous effort, you were defeated. By the smallest of margins and by the technicality of the electoral collage. You missed Wisconsin in your campaign and it cost you dearly. What an upset.  A bigoted demagogue has won the White House and largely because the emerging industries had not reached the regions of White working class voters yet and everyone blamed the establishment. Well, I blame them! Some say you weren’t likable. I like you. Even love you. If anyone is unlikable it’s the White working class that has hatred bubbling right under the surface of their smiling faces. Not all businesses are established by White males. If I were Asian ( which many tech company owners are), I would be afraid to establish a tech firm in Idaho, so where my core employees would suffer under a limited quality of life due to a hostile environment. You did it to yourselves rural America. The “Strange Fruit” you cultivated in the South and Easy Rider lawless in the same region has told every non-Occidental person that it’s not safe to near you. Hillary the Warmonger, the Millennials call you. Part of your defeat was taking an opportunity you saw in the Arab Spring: capturing Quadaffi Muamar Quadaffi, who no one seems to remember was our baddie of the 80's. He may have been dormant, but no were near pacified. He had a yen for for American weapons and dispatched terror cells to acquire them. He was such a threat he ended up in pop culture.  Watch Back to the Future. It was one of Quadaffi's operatives who shot Doc Brown and was the catalyst of the story. TO add to this: by controlling Afghanistan and omitting Quadaffi, we weaken Al Queada/ISIS. They now have no established power to tell the how to establish and hold a caliphate and no established power to secure weapons for them. These were important steps to weaken them to a glorified, international street gang and we're still whittlin them down. However, if we let Putin do whatever he wants (claim bits of Europe that he wants) we're going to have a superpower to deal with on our hands. This corrupt  because big risk politics is complicated) war monger was needed for the good of world security.Thank you third party voters >:(  We took out Destro Cobrala and Zartan, just so Russia can move in an take over the region. If they’re successful, they set their sights on Europe which had been Russia’s ambition since Catherine the Great.  War is not desirable for anyone, but sometimes you have to do a little evil to do a lot of good. I love just about anything Russian. Mikka is Russian. However, I do not like their imperial ambitions.  Putin claims that he does not want the former Soviet empire back, however he has an unhealthy admiration of previous Russian leaders, Peter and Catherine the Great. Catherine the Great vowed that India would be annexed, China humbled and all of Europe will be governed under the scepter of Russia. She tried her best to claim Istanbul from the Turks. To Sultan’s relief, she died before she could fulfill this effort. However, in the modern era it is very possible that Putin will pick up where she left off. NPR reported a few years ago, that scores of men in Russia fell into despair after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Understandable. Yet, it creates a problem from one of the tenets of government: order. What do you with Bezerker personality types? Their energy has to be channeled somewhere or they’ll destroy themselves and others like a live grenade. With so many people in the vast expanse that is Russia, Putin and his populace live in the very real danger a standing army that’s about to bring it’s simmering frustration to a boil. I fear that energy may be unleashed on the Middle East. A region, as a whole. that has not fully recovered from WWI. That is suffering from the lack of the pooled resources of the Ottoman Empire and is in real danger of living under yet another foreign power. This was not the plan of the West. We may want their oil, but we definitely want the Arab states to rule themselves. All we want is their governments to be stable so trade will flow without interruption. Now that Hillary has lost the election, that may never happen. A have friends who feared that Hillary would bring on WWIII. Perhaps. We all know it was going to to happen. However, with Trump giving a looser reign to Putin, instead of the entire West striving to protect the Middle East, the West , with the U.S protecting it as an ally, will have have to save itself from Russia, should the mood strike Putin’s fancy. This is politics. The great quagmire of desires and solutions striving to find order under an elected or unwanted power. It takes a great deal of experience to wield this power well, and the West and Muslim states of the Mediterranean and West Asia has just lost its chance to contain the chaos with someone who someone who was busy at work whittling the problem away, one warlord at a time. Stay in touch, Hillary Rodham Clinton

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