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Through the miasma and out the other side. I think Grandma Ada needs time to figure out what has come to pass and perhaps shake off the stress of her life before joining St. Bonaventure. So, Beatrice awaits in Purgatory. I wonder of Grandma Ada’s “Beatrice” is her friend with the sunflower garden or the neighbor with the nice veranda? Perhaps Sunflower Lady and Veranda lady can be her guides.

Grandma Ada had many church-lady friends and acquaintances who kept her employed. She had many jobs throughout her life and the last was as a crossing guard. Much like Hyacinth, I can imagine her mothering the neighborhood children on the importance of a neat appearance. I wonder how many with dirty socks tried their best to sneak past her unnoticed!

Grandma Ada Has Died

Pleasant Journey, Grandma Ada. I hope St. Bonaventure shows you a wonderful time.

I think the first thing she’ll do in her afterlife is cook something nice.


Grandma Ada
You had such a hard life.
Growing up under Jim Crow
Growing up under the influence of gender roles
Which had failed you, which fails so many women.
But you persevered.
Then your children persevered.
Which gave my generation, your grand children
The opportunity to escape the oppression you were reared under.
Thus allowing us to live the life you probably dreamed of.
Were you an artist, too?
I wonder.
Your daughter is one, and like you, never got the chance to realize her potential.
Her job, her advancement, was to migrate.
Just your migrated from your place of origin and pain.
As our ancestors did before you.

Through one step at a time our family gave birth to a Dr. of Art Administration, an engineer, a, Emmy winning animation filmmaker, a sociologist, another engineer, an accountant and contractor. There isn’t a dud among us!
It takes so many families far longer to achieve white collar status.
The Powell-Parker—nee Parker (it was all YOU) family, thanks to your determination did so in just six generations.
Just six from slavery to middle class…

Thank you, Grandma Ada
For every beating
Every care package
and every butter cookie, iced lemon cake and sweet potato pie!

Thank you for the life I got to live, that should’ve been yours.
I hope in the next life
You’ll soar even higher.
Make it so!

Be brave through your Transcendence and Pleasant Journey.








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