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Puppy Face Maniplation

Boyfriends can pull some pretty effective puppy faces when they know they are in trouble. Giermo gets a divine spanking from every goddess on earth in the final issue of In Between Days: Giermo, so he will pull plenty of them. However, those big reddish-brown eyes won’t fool anybody, at least not until they reveal the sincerity everyone is searching for.
I had a BF was was so darn cute, he could puppy face his way out o every conflict with me. I was very young then and that doesn’t work on me nowadays. However, puppy faces are still cute, so in honor of BF manipulation and I am posting a few gems from cinema.


Marcello Mastriani from Yesterday Today and Tomorrow.

Thiago Soares of the ballet, Sylvia. He played the villian Orion, but oh what a pleasant smile when he’s out of character. Just perfect for a puppy face!

Finally Miguel. The ultimate puppyface manipulator!

I’m sure Ranma has sported a puppy face or two, but nothing is coming to mind right now. If anyone can think of any more puppy faces in the media, let me know!

Daisies: Czech (1967) a great film for character design reference

These naughty little girls are so cute. This is a great film with a Bohemian setting that is great for production design. It give me ideas for the Berkeley Clique actually.

Great for Tabitha Soleil:)

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