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Giermo Neurosis: Oaty 23

[12:35] soleilsmile: You’re so results oriented
[12:35] soleilsmile: Oh no….there making light of the houri’s!
[12:36] oaty23: how much money?
[12:36] soleilsmile: That’s not funny at all!
[12:36] soleilsmile: money?
[12:36] oaty23: how presteigus?
[12:36] oaty23: how hot is your Girlfreind
[12:36] soleilsmile: ?
[12:37] oaty23: how big is your house
[12:37] oaty23: results results
[12:37] soleilsmile: I think you’re supposed to be talking to another person Aaron
[12:37] soleilsmile: OH!
[12:37] soleilsmile: The context arises
[12:37] soleilsmile: You’re an artist; you design the rules, not follow them
[12:38] oaty23: eyah
[12:38] oaty23: i am impulsive,,
[12:38] soleilsmile: not good
[12:38] soleilsmile: But that’s you cross to bear
[12:39] soleilsmile: Not all guys are like that, thank god
[12:39] soleilsmile: I have a young friend named Ryan, that company’s fight over, but he’s all about improving himself artistically
[12:39] soleilsmile: and they will wait
[12:39] soleilsmile: He’s a great inspiration
[12:39] oaty23: yeah i suck
[12:40] soleilsmile: I even made a character out of him for Superficial
[12:40] soleilsmile: You don’t have to suck

Superficial Wiki

Superficial* is a web comic and comic book property by HipChick Comics. The series is about a Mikado family named the Jasians and their interaction with mortals and the rest of the world’s pagan deities in the modern day. Superficial* as whole has two titles: Jasian Genetic that runs from fall to spring and In Between Days which features the comic in the summer. Jasian Genetic is the main storyline that revolve around the main character of Sakura, the reluctant heroine who always resolves the episodic conflicts of the stories.

The series mainly focuses on two sisters, Sakura and Nami, who are part of the Japanese Shinto pantheon. Sakura is introverted and strives to keep the family tradition of secrecy in tact, whereas Nami seeks fame and yearns to let the world know the significant of the Jasians existence. On the surface, Nami ideology of inclusion is attractive, but in reality it can topple stability of the world’s belief system and the anonymity of the gods: because the gods really do walk among us.
The individual plots of Superficial* range from the profound deific maintenance and guidance of the world to the more light-hearted stories of the relationships between the deities and their favored mortals. In the second volume of Superficial* the two threads merge as the world pantheon of gods bend the universe to pander to a single mortal: Mikka, the matriarch of the Jasian family.

Sakura is Ko-no-Hana The Blossom Princess, she is the goddess of spring and the one who as well as the Yama-no-kami Goddess of the hunt, forest, agriculture and vegetation the remainder of the year.She is always in a constant power struggle with her sister Nami.Sakura is currently a world class principle ballerina.
Nami is the Yuki Onna (Snow Queen)Goddess of Winter as well as the water goddess Ame-No-Mi-Kumari the remainder of the year. Sakura and Nami on the surface are like any two twenty something women; the have careers and lovers and friends. Nami in fact is a former recording artist who has had to sacrifice her career to preserve her family’s anonymity.Currently she is a broadcasting exectuve for one her family radipo stations. It is only when a random occurrence or the chronic call to duty that awakens them to their goddess hoods. Their younger sister Maloni incurs most of the incidents.
Maloni is the youngest sister of the Jasians. Maloni’s indentity as a goddess is unknown. What is known is her classification: a celestial and that she is also a member of the Hindo pantheon. Maloni powers are comparable to Vishnu the creator god. Although Vishnu is usually depicted as male, Maloni may very well be a shakti (incarnation) of Vishnu, for the gods of the Hindu panteon are vast and elusive. Nevertheless, Maloni is an enigma as well as a goddess out of her region. She has only her congenial personality to hold her place in Japan as a resident, and when the time calls for it—the protection of her sisters who love her.
Although, she is more powerful than her two elder sisters, Maloni has a knack for getting herself into the kind of trouble, which snowballs into epic proportions, which Nami usually makes worse in her power play efforts, hence leaving Sakura to mop up before mom comes home.

Mikka: is the Jasian family matriarch. Mikka is not a goddess, but a mortal. Mikka is a powerful wicca who just happened to land herself a god for husband. Mikka may be mortal, but she is a tough and powerful manager and her family affectionately refers her as a “MomGod”.

Hiruko: The dapper Man of the family of crazy goddesses and a white witch. Hiruko is the Shinto god of the morning sun. He shines over Japans families ensuring that her children grow up happy and strong and he doesn’t stop short of his own family.

Web Comics and Print

Superficial* has two enities:

JasianGenetic is the main storyline and is action adventure/sci-fi/fantasy oriented. The plots feature Sakura as the heroine and Nami as the main antagonist.

In Between Days or the Summer Stories of Superficial*. These stories are more character driven and usually feature Nami as a protagonist and have romantic and real world premises.

Jasian Genetic is slated for print as a graphic novel in December 2007.

The “Missed Connections” issue of In Between Days will be included in an anthology for A.P.E. (Alternative Press Expo) in 2008.

Superficial* In Between Days: Giermo; Casual Encounters

Succubus. Yuki Onna is known for killing her victims in their beds leaving a frosted corpse in her post coital wake.

Nami wakes with a start with Giermo. She tears madly at her hair ( which grows to ankle length eash night when she is the Snow Mountain woman. Just then as she tears she notices something wonderful..her brown hand. Nami hugs herself and caresses her complexion. She is not the Yuki Onna in the warm months. He latest boyfriend is safe.
Giermo sleeps like a big yellow tom cat in the modifies cockpit. Nami want to curl up like a kitten next to him and have a lazy morning of cuddling, but she has work to do. Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have deity duties. They’re just different that all and performed when she is conscious. In the warn months Nami is the Water Goddess Ame-No-Mi-Kumari—and it time to send the tide back out to sea!

Nami performs herr amazing duties as goddess, and administers the positive effects of hurricane to local animal life vegetation that can now re-inhabit abandoned human structures etc. As she finshes, she noticed that Giermo had risen and is wathcing her with fear and reverance. She alights the docking pier where Giermo is standing and offers to take him home. Giermo refuses and assures Nami that no further suicide attemtps will be made and that he is more than capable of getting home. Giermo is a bit of closeted chauvanist and threatened by Nami’s powers.
Nami leaves him to his own devices and flies away in her seaplane. She chuckles to herself as she heads toward the open sea. It will be impossible for Giermo to get home without her help because her storm has submerged the island. No human can survive in the life aquatic. She’ll come back and retrieve him later.


Nami meets Sakura for a tete. She admits that now that her singing career is over that she is lonely. The job as a broadcasting executive is too easy for her and she would rather work with people again…perhaps as an agent. She would also like someone to come home to which leads her into telling her sister about Giermo. Sakura inquires whether or not Giermo is from their “world” and if he’s a wise choice as a signicant other. Nami insists that she knows what she’s doing and that Sakura must not meddle in her affairs. Sakura has had a habit of acting as body guards of her two sister’s hearts ever since Maloni was mishandled by a roving former beau. The two sister finish their meal.Afterwhich, Sakura flies off for a pleasure fly and warns Nami of the dangers of her new project. Nami informs Sakura that she had better go collect her new toy before her dies of exposure and reef shark bite!

Nami returns to the grotto the find Giermo playing with the mantees. How at home he is in these waters. Nami who assumed that her new love is merely a surfer boy, is shortly informed that Giermo is a marine biology student working on his dissertation.

Well hush my mouth.

Nami 1
Giermo 1

Giermo than concedes to a ride home from his captor and Nami gleefully obliges. But first we have to wait for the flood waters to recede so off to Mum’s to dry out and dinner. Giermo perks at the word dinner.
Unbeknownst to Giermo, Mom’s place is smack dab in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle. Giermo quakes in flight as they fly into the electric clouds. He is even more taken aback when Nami demonstrates the simple secret of getting through the Triangle: turn off your radio and all electrical equipment.
As they move further into the gloom they encounter a number of strange sea creatures. Nami is non-plussed, yet Giermo is getting more and more tweaked with organism. Then the coupe de gras: Nami coos at something beneath the plane. Giermo expects a cute little fuzzy something, when actually a 500 foot white shark erupts from the sea. Nami points out that “Blanca” is merely a pet of her mothers and is dropping by to say hello. Nami quickly adds that Blanca provides an escort past more threatening denizens of the Atlantic: The Sea of Sea Monsters.
They come out of the clouds and to a chain of islands arranged like a necklace. Blanca submerges leaving Giermo perplexed when Nami stops the sea plane. She tells Giermo is safe to relax and that the water is warm and the two swim to a float that is buoyed a few yards from a nearby island. Giermo plays about in paradise for a while when Sakura alights the float. He is instantly fascinated by her.
Sakura ignores his gawking and approaches her sister. So we’re wrapping him and taking him home to mama are we? Nami confirms and then asks a favor: a ahir cut. Sakura looks on quizzitively. Nami keeps her hair long in the summer, why the change. However, Nami looks quite fervents as images of herself as a succubus reel about in her mind. She wants no semblence of summer self to the ghostly winter self.
Sakura cuts Nami’s sumi tresses to her corporate quintessiental bob and turns to Giermo. Giermo’s attraction had stopped the instant her long hair fell the ground and now he has his sights set on Sakura.
Xiomara: Looks like he’s instending to stay alive all right. He’s already playing the ultimate game in a man’s life.
Giermo turns to find that the sea has a face. A beautiful dark woman with shells braided in her hair and a body like a meramaid except the currents of the sea is in place of a tail.

Ready for take off! Nami exclaims and before her knows it, Giermo is whisked off again. Where are going now he says? To my mothers’s at last, Nami replies. My mom liked her privacy and Sakura must alret her that guests have arriving. Sakura fast as a ravor kite glides ahead of them. She hovers for a moments ansd perfoms a whirly dance with her fan glider. Suddenly the clouds glow a brillaint blue-white and dramatically part revealing a air craft carrier moored a at a dock to a sort of resort. As Nami decends on to the runway lined with airplanes of all wonderful sorts. A gadget buff’s heaven. There is so m uch to see, Giermo resembles a kid at Christmas. Who own all of these marvelous planes. Well, actually they are commissions designed and built my parents. You see, my father deisgns them—
“And I build them”
Standing before a beaming a Nami and an agast Giermo who’s on the verge of an embarrassing “emergence”, is the most beautiful BLONDE he hs ever seen.

Jennifer Love Hewitt Saves the Day

This is was nice of Jen. Thanks girl!
In a nod to curvaceous women everywhere, Jennifer Love Hewitt has launched a line of clothing that both supports and accentuates the figures of large breasted women. The line is intended to enhance rather than minimize god-given assets.

Love-Hewitt says, “If you have big breasts like I do, your design choices are limited. You’re either stuck with stuff that’s too tight and hurts because your boobs get squashed or you end up with baggy styles that hang out over your boobs and make you look fat. My new ‘Enhance’ line of clothing is designed to do just that – provide women with clothes that both enhance big curves as well as provide proper support for larger breasts. Let’s face it, big breasts are heavy and it gets very painful when gravity is pulling them downward. “

Love-Hewitt says the idea for the new line came to her when she and a friend where trying on clothes together in a store a year ago, “She’s huge. She has to wear this huge bra. It’s like a harness. She can never find ay clothes that fit. She’s constantly bulging out of her bra and clothes. I’m not as big as her but I still have trouble finding clothes that fit and I said there has to be a better way.”

Love-Hewitt consulted with Shoshonna Lonstien, another very curvaceous woman with her own line of clothing for women with curves, and decided to launch “Enhance”. The line will include specially designed bras and tops sold in cup sizes from D up to K as well as the more fun fashions shown in the accompanying picture. She hopes the line will “give women the courage to take that baggy t shirt off and show the world what they’ve got.”

Acknowledging the trend towards larger breasts among younger girls coupled with earlier development, Love-Hewitt is also launching a Youth version of “Enhance” for tweens and teens struggling with early and larger than normal development. “Girls are very self conscious about their figures,” says Love-Hewitt, “and I want this line of clothing to help them to build their confidence and to be proud of the bodies they have.” It’s not clear though how well received the cleavage enhancing designs will be to parents and teachers.

The line will be supported with an ad campaign set to launch before the Holidays and will include print, radio and billboards.

“Big breasts are beautiful. I have them and I love them. Most big breasted women would too if they only had clothes that properly supported the added weight.” (J)

Date Rape Drug

It looked for all the world as if the couple on a date — he was darkly handsome and a little older than the pretty, petite blonde with the Russian accent — were having a great time together.

“A really great time,” their waitress, Karri Cormican, recalled thinking. “She was facing him, had one of her legs up on the bench seat.” Good body language.

So it came as a shock when after the woman left the window-side table to visit the restroom, Cormican saw the man shake a white powder into the Hefeweizen beer he had ordered for his date.

“Did I really see that?” Cormican asked herself. “Why would he do that? It seemed like they were having fun.”

This was in a bar in Noe Valley that draws a mostly local crowd — early on most days, the patrons were older folks like the 93-year-old who got upset when the bar manager took a week off. Later, when the restaurants on 24th Street close for the night, a younger bunch of waitstaff and kitchen workers dropped in to watch sports on television or play pinball.

Over the years, the bar has seen a lot of incarnations. When the neighborhood was mostly blue-collar Irish and German, it was Doyle’s, and then it became the Connection. As yuppies moved into what became million-dollar Victorians in the 1990s, it became Noe’s Arc, and now it’s Noe’s Bar.

Not a place for trouble. Not the kind of place where what looked like an attempted date rape would occur. Or where a guy on a first date, like Joseph Szlamnik, at the time a 43- year-old senior management assistant for the San Francisco Unified School District, would commit a crime. Szlamnik was sentenced last week to a year in jail by Superior Court Judge Anne Bouliane on narcotic charges related to the incident.

According to the National Crime Victimization Survey conducted by the Department of Justice, 66 percent of sexual assaults in 2005 were committed by friends, acquaintances or other people intimately known to the victims. No tally is kept specifically of date rapes.

Rape of all kinds has dropped by more than half since 1993, said Lynn Parrish, a spokeswoman for the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network, which operates a national hot line.

Because of educational efforts, “people are aware that these drugs are used in bars by perpetrators of all ages,” she said. “So these two women who saw it knew what was happening.” On the night in question, Cormican, 23, quickly approached the bartender, Hannah Bridgeman-Oxley, 27, and told her what she had seen. The two women hatched a plan.

Cormican returned to the table and told Szlamnik and his date, whom the court identified only as Tatiana K., then 34, that the woman’s beer had come from a fermented keg and that they were going to replace it. Cormican brought her a Stella Artois.

Cormican carried the adulterated Hefeweizen to Bridgeman-Oxley and out of sight into a back room. They held it up to the light and saw, unmistakably, a white powder. At a preliminary hearing last summer, Nikolas Lemos, chief forensic toxicologist at the San Francisco medical examiner’s office, identified the powder as zalepron, a prescription sleeping drug sold as Sonata.

After seeing the white powder, Bridgeman-Oxley said she “panicked a little bit. We had to figure out a way to keep her away from this man.”

Their chance came when Tatiana went outside to smoke a cigarette. Cormican grabbed the beer with the white powder and followed her. It was a mild night in May 2005 — the wheels of justice in this case, as one courtroom observer said, have ground exceedingly slowly.

Tatiana was stunned — she said it was their first date, and they had met at a salsa dancing class only weeks before. Earlier, he had picked her up in his BMW after her classes at City College. “She’s a trusting young lady,” says David Merin, the assistant district attorney who prosecuted the case.

Cormican had to repeat herself several times before Tatiana absorbed what had happened. And then things got even worse.

The bartender rushed outside to tell the two women that while they had been talking, Szlamnik had dropped two pills into the new beer Tatiana had left behind on the table.

“He did it again,” she said.

All three women looked through a window and saw Szlamnik trying to wipe up beer that had foamed over the edge of Tatiana’s glass and was fizzing as if there were Alka-Seltzer in it.

In fact, as Dr. Lemos would later testify, the pills were alprazolam, commonly sold as Xanax, a central nervous system depressant prescribed to relieve anxiety. “In combination with alcohol,” Lemos testified at the preliminary hearing, the two drugs “are encountered frequently in drug-facilitated sexual assaults … without giving the victim the chance … to even realize what’s going on.”

On the sidewalk, Tatiana was sobbing. Bridgeman-Oxley stalked back into the bar with Tatiana following, swiped the foaming glass off the table and looked the stunned Szlamnik in the eye when he began to protest that she had served him a second bad beer.

He said to Tatiana, “Let’s go.”

“You’re date’s over, mister,” the bartender told him. “She’s staying with us.”

After offering to buy everybody a shot of whiskey, Szlamnik fled while Bridgeman-Oxley was calling the police, who arrived quickly and took possession of the two beers.

And the quick-thinking barmaids of Noe’s — a jukebox joint that Bridgeman-Oxley describes as “pretty chill” — became heroines.

“These were two heroic people who stopped this crime from happening,” said Susan Breall, the judge at the preliminary hearing.

Lynn Parrish, the spokeswoman for the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network, agreed: “I don’t remember hearing another story like this,” she said. “They’re heroes in my book.”

Last Tuesday, Judge Bouliane sentenced Szlamnik, who had no prior criminal history, to one year in jail but suspended six months of that. Szlamnik entered jail voluntarily in January after agreeing to plead guilty to transporting and furnishing a narcotic rather than to a crime directly related to a planned sexual assault. He is due to be released in May.

At the time of his plea, he was terminated by the school district, said a spokesperson.

Cormican had arrived in San Francisco from Fargo, N.D., only six months prior to the incident and still works at Noe’s. She shrugs off any attempt to call her a heroine.

“It’s just the kind of place where everybody looks out for everybody,” she said recently while working behind the bar. “I mean, people look out for me. I hope.”

E-mail Mike Weiss at mikeweiss@sfchronicle.com.

This article appeared on page A – 1 of the San Francisco Chronicle

Dharmic, Abrahamic, Taoic Religions

Dharmic religions are a family of religions that have originated from the Indian subcontinent. They encompass Hinduism and three other religions that have spawned from it—namely Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism.[1][2] Dharmic religions are one of the three major schools of religion in the world, the others being Abrahamic religions and Taoic religions. The theology and philosophy of Dharmic Religions center on the concept of Dharma, a Sanskrit term for “fixed decree, law, duty”, especially in a spiritual sense of “natural law, reality”. It is mostly influential across the Indian subcontinent, East Asia and South East Asia with influence felt throughout the world. These Dharmic religions are very closely interrelated.

In the study of comparative religion, the category of Abrahamic religions consists of the three great monotheistic religions–Judaism, Christianity, and Islam–which claim Abraham (Hebrew “Avraham” אַבְרָהָם ; Arabic “Ibrahim” ابراهيم ) as a part of their sacred history. Other, smaller religions, such as the Baha’i faith, that fit this description are sometimes included, but more often omitted. Zoroastrianism is not included, because it is an Indo-Aryan faith with no known Semitic roots.

In the study of comparative religion, a Taoic religion is a religion, or religious philosophy, that focuses on the East Asian concept of Tao (“The Way”; pinyin Dao, Korean/Japanese Do, Vietnamese Đạo). This forms a large group of religions including Taoism, Confucianism, Jeung San Do, Shinto, Yiguandao, Chondogyo, Chen Tao and Caodaism. Taoic religion as a world religion group is comparable to Abrahamic religion and dharmic religion.[1] Taoic faiths claim at least 400 million members worldwide.[2]

Ancient Chinese philosophies defined Tao and advocated cultivating De in that Tao.[3] There are ancient schools that have merged into traditions under different names or are no longer active, such as Mohism and many others of the Hundred Schools of Thought, while some such as Taoism persist to the modern day. Taoic religion is usually polytheistic, but henotheistic, monotheistic, pantheistic, panentheistic and agnostic varieties exist, particularly outside of Asia. Taoic religion has Western adherents, though their interpretation often significantly differs from traditional East Asian thought and culture.


Superficical New Years Guest List

Cast of Characters





The Muses

The Sirens

The Guys










Micheal Campbell


Gabriel Cavallos

Brian Ray

Swift (Uninvited)

Quotes and Clever for A Superficial New Years

Sigird: Waste of a tall guy

Look up: Latent Oedupus Complex

Verbal Grenade

Sniffing Sharpies

…which we all know trumps all capacity for critical thinking.

PRESTON PARTY BABBLE:If youre paddling upstream in a canoe and a wheel falls off, how many pancakes fit in a doghouse? None! Icecream doesn’t have bones!!!

Men have two brains, women have two mouths-Nami

What is a man’s idea of foreplay?
A half hour of begging.

Tall woman to short man: Oh, forget it sweetie . You’ll just get lost.

Sakura: “Why do guys always beeline for women who aren’t sexually receptive. It’s not the buxom girls or the flashy fashionistas in the slinky outfits— but the Sally Jo from the midwest” type who are the nymphos.” Sakura points to Sigrid)”See that girl over there with the mouse brown hair and flat on all sides? She’s the one who will keep you happy because she hasnn’t been hit-on since she turned 12!”

Superficial New Year-Script

JASAI UCHI, KURILS. DOWNSHOT a banquet table of delectable goodies Maloni has prepared. Although Maloni is very proud of herself the other girls have reservations.


Maloni! With a spread like this no one is going to be ready to service her boyfriend tonight!

Sigrid who is about merrily munch on on truffles in the background whines as Klashka takes away her treats. [Running gag: Sigrid’s pursuit of a private place to eat her truffles: refer to Peggy’s tragedy of the truffles.]
SAKURA walks into the great room in a body stocking and he long cherry hair wrapped around her Mary Magdeline style. She is careful not to approach the food, but that still doesn’t deter KLASHKA and KIREI for upbraiding her on manners.

Sakura chan, is it is not customary to be dressed for the arrival of your guests?

It is when you have a dresser prior to their arrival. However, Maloni’s spell bars anyone including staff from appearing before 6, so near naked I stand.

That’s still no excuse for running around in your near bare.


Music [Fanatastic Plastic Machine’s “Simple Man”] begins and MALONI stands in the middle of the great room. She is painted and studded in a sparkly body stocking spins much to Klashka’s dismay become a sort of disco ball as the guests are teleported into the house in mid-air. EVERYONE in the Superficial Universe is present and beautiful and dancing—-and FLOATING! Guests of all pantheons and their favored humans dance as the hover.
6 noticable guests the Muses greet Maloni and cue another version of dance as the guests are finally lowered onto the floor. A BOLLYWOOD moment is performed as the veiled Muses unveil briefly before the fourth wall to show who they are only to quickly wrap up once males become more previalent.
The guest mingle politely for a while and greet their hostess, Nami, and then go off into their respectable cliques. There is an activity for every clique. Big screen telly for the film buffs and an additional screen for the gamers. The virtual reality projects from the gamers screen and blankets the entire party Soleil Smile is behind this! Indura who is making the rounds dismisses it as a cute prank and wags her finger at Soleil. The HIPCHICKS, the sky GODS etc, and lastly the geeks who are headed by SOLEIL SMILE the missing member of the TABBY SIGGY SOLEIL triumvirate. Soleil looks something like a futuristic ghostbuster and projects a hologram of a multi-player video game world using the “ghostbuster” like machine at her waist.
Holographic envirnments and monsters abound and the geeks race about shouldering lazer tag rifles and game controllers of all shapes and sizes. In their merriment they cause considerable mayem to the other guests so Maloni banished them to the catacombs where they belong. This spurs Nami to recite rules of proper party conduct. . The monsters and machine gun betty holograms dissipate and the disoriented revelers in peace. Once order is restored, everyone laughs the effect off as a part stunt. All’s well that ends well…..almost.

Nami and Kirei “Empress of Manners” walk through the guests. The rules go as follows: Do not pursue those who are not interested in you, Do not deface the house, If you feel sick go home.
Nami then passes SWIFT and fails to regard the significance of his presence.

The spell automatically eliminates offenders so there is no need to worry.

SWIFT weaves through the crowd in search of his red-head. His attention is drawn to the sound of a struggle in the corner. T.Ray and his crew are dressing a reluctant Sakura for her performance. Swift stealthily approaches the melee, but stops as Sydney appears next to Sakura in full costume. Much to Swift’s dismay, Sakura calms at the feel of him and complies with T.Ray’s demands. An exquisite stage couple, Sakura and Sydney greet a small group of theater goers and perform the Arabian Coffee Pas de Deux from the Nutcracker.
Giermo bristles at the sight of Sakura entertaining on Nami’s night and cues Klashka Tse to play their set. KlashkaTse performs Luscious Jackson’s Fantastic Fabulous. Klashka is very suggestive in her behavior toward Giermo in compliance with the song’s lyrics. Her behavior ires Nami who promptly confronts her in her customary cool manner. Klashka then get explosive and lands hands on the Snow Queen who retaliates and puts Klashka in on ice. Since Klashka was not teleported into the party she is exempt from the spell and therefore not banished from the party.

Indura detects trouble. She collaborates with Soleil and her useful hologram toy. It seems that the Jasians has a party crasher who is making himself uncomfortable familiar with the obscure areas of the house. To Indura’s fear, he has wandered to a forbidden realm…. downstairs.
The sublevel is Maloni’s chamber and it is filled with family secrets. Indura shadows DAVID as he explores the eclectic room of gem studded sculptures and cobalt and cadmium paintings. One of the larger sculptures comes to life speaks. The gang member show surprise but not fear, for he threw his soul away ages ago. Like the Sphyx, the sculpture asks him three riddles. David correctly answers two of the questions aptly, but stumbles on the third.

Were you invited to tonight’s event?

David is confident that he was invited to the house to warm as a sympathy case, but no one said anything about him staying long enough to enjoy the party. David was simply forgotten about and in turn took advantage of his good fortune pick the pockets of the wealthy guests and get an extra thrill by digging up dirt about the Jasians. TIMES UP. David tells a half truth and snidely answers “yes”. This show of disrespect offends the Sphinx and earns David a one way trip down her digestive tract!
Aparations of Sakura and Nami appear in the room. The Sphynx who turns out be Maloni turns her heard towards her sisters and bows her head in contemplation. Indura smiles at her daughter and says:



The physical forms of the Sakura, Nami and Maloni come out their trances and continue with their party. T-ray has dressed Sakura in a new ensemble resembling the “Ginza Fruits” and the crowd just loves it! Midnight approaches, and Giermo calls Nami out of the kitchen to assume her rightful place and the center of attention as the birthday girl. Giermo doesn’t like Sakura.When the midnight arrives and Happy New Year cheers is followed by Happy Birthday Snow Queen. Jelly Guru sings Altered Images Happy Birthday and it’s cutsie go-go girl all around with Ginza fruits and Sakura as they’re queen.
Giermo feels that Sakura is stealing Nami’s fire so he convinces KlashkaTse to follow so closely behind that Jelly Guru deosn’t finish their set! This is just fine with Klashka who thinks her goth band is the better act anyway—but the fact that Giermo is the one that instigated the coup encourages her to think that he still desires her. Klashka acts accordingly. KlashkaTse esembles and sings Luscious Jackson’s Fantastis Fabulous. The song has connotations of desire and praise toward whomever the song is sung to. It may appear that Klashka is celebrating Nami’s birthday, but she makes discomforting eye contact with Giermo. Nami returns the favor by setting Klashka on fire at he climax. Her retialiation is so seemless that the crowd interprets the pyro-technics as part of the act.
1am, time for thea guests to leave. Nami makes the announcement and and thank you’s all around. Maloni teleports all of the guests home including the mortified KlaskTse and their singed bandleader. Kat of Jelly Guru has volunteered her band to stay behind and clean up—and help open the presents.
After the party… the girls clean up the house and settle down to the opening of presents. Kat, who is nosey and self righteous obviously volunteered her sevices just to see what Nami received. Kat makes snide comments about every present the people who gave each one. This of course gets on everyone’s nerves. What’s worse is that it is nearly morning and Sakura, Nami and Maloni would like to get some sleep to receive their parents who will be coming at sometime in the morning. No one knows exactly when. The hours pass and Jelly Guru is still there! Sydney and Giermo who planned for a sleep over but Jelly Guru was not! The other two bad members Kirei and Bette express their deepest sympathies towards the family but, they’re annoying little sister has a Napoleon complex like you wouldn’t believe and therefore unable to sway her.
The sun peaks over the horizon and Sakura gets a honey of an idea. She grabs two magnifying glasses off the bookcase and pitched them in a potted plant on the window sill aimed towards back of Kat’s head. Nami catches on and excuse herself to the kitchen to refill everyone’s coffee cups. Kat doesn’t blink an eye and continues wit her oration disparaging her latest victim. With a flash her hair bursts into flames! Mock efforts are made by her two band mates to put out of the flames. Nami comes in with a tray full of hot coffee and iced blended drinks and stands strategically above Kat who capsizes the tray with her head emptying the blazing hot and freezing cold contents on to herself. The fire is put out but the girl is a wreck. When she catches site herself in the living room mirror she screams and runs out of house. Nami apologizes for not escorting her home with a portal for it against the rules—Nami smiles at Sakura and the grateful posse of Jelly Guru feign remorse with impish grins across their faces, leave the family and extended family of Jasai free to enjoy the coming of their parents.

The End

Turning Points- Pushes story into next act
• Raises the central question

• Moment of decision or commitment by protagonist

• Raises the stakes

• It takes the audience into a new arena and different focus for the action

Subplots- add dimension to the story

Foreshadowing & Payoff – visual cue or piece of dialogue that is used to set up an action, or a piece of information that is paid off at a later time in the story


Motif- a recurring image or rhythm or sound that is used thoughout the film to deepen and dimensionalize the storyline and add texture and theme-The Ten Worlds.

Theme- the unifying subject or theme of a story—Sakura can control men, but is deathly afraid of women.


Connecting Through the Stakes
Remember, if the jeopardy is unclear, if there is not a reason to care about the character, then the audience is unable to see any connections between their experience and the experience of the character!

In A Superficial New Years, the stakes are:
Love and Belonging, Esteem and Self-Respect (Leadership), Safety and Security.
Prologue: Survival and Safety and Security, Esteem and Self Respect
Repetition and Contrast: Images, dialogue and character traits that keep the audience focused on an idea.

Klashka the Fallen Valkyrie

In Norse mythology the valkyries are dísir, minor female deities, who served Odin. The valkyries’ purpose was to choose the most heroic of those who had died in battle and to carry them off to Valhalla where they became einherjar. This was necessary because Odin needed warriors to fight at his side at the preordained battle at the end of the world, Ragnarök. In Valhalla the valkyries also “serve drink and look after the tableware and drinking vessels” (Prose Edda Gylfaginning 35).

It appears, however, that there was no clear distinction between the valkyries and the norns. Skuld is for instance both a valkyrie and a norn, and in the Darraðarljóð (lines 1-52), the valkyries weave the web of war (see below). According to the Prose Edda (Gylfaginning 35), “Odin sends [the valkyries] to every battle. They allot death to men and govern victory. Gunn and Rota [two valkyries] and the youngest norn, called Skuld, always ride to choose who shall be slain and to govern the killings”.

In modern art, the valkyries are sometimes depicted as beautiful shieldmaidens on winged horses, armed with helmets and spears. However, valkyrie horse was a kenning for wolf (see Rök Stone), so contrary to the stereotype, they did not ride winged horses. Their mounts were rather the packs of wolves that frequented the corpses of dead warriors. They were gruesome and war-like.

Whereas the wolf was the valkyrie’s mount, the valkyrie herself appears to be akin to the raven, flying over the battlefield and “choosing” corpses[1]. Thus, the packs of wolves and ravens that scavenged the aftermath of battles may have been seen as serving a higher purpose.

According to Thomas Bulfinch’s highly influential work Bulfinch’s Mythology (1855), the armour of the valkyries “sheds a strange flickering light, which flashes up over the northern skies, making what men call the ‘Aurora Borealis’, or ‘Northern Lights’.[2]” However, there is nothing in our sources which supports this claim[3].

The origin of the valkyries as a whole is not reported in extant texts, but many of the well known valkyries are reported as having mortal parents. It is now believed that the original valkyries were the priestesses of Odin — gruesome old hags who officiated at sacrificial rites in which prisoners were executed (“given to Odin”). These priestesses sometimes carried out the sacrifices themselves, which involved the use of a ritual spear. By the time the Poetic Edda came to be compiled in the late 12th or early 13th century, these rituals had given rise to legends of supernatural battle-maidens who took an active part in human conflict, deciding who should live and who should die (Davidson 1964).

In the mythological poems of the Poetic Edda the valkyries are supernatural deities of unknown parentage; they are described as battle-maidens who ride in the ranks of the gods or serve the drinks in Valhalla; they are invariably given unworldly names like Skogul (“Raging”), Hlok (“Shrieking”) and Gol (“Screaming”).

In the Heroic lays, however, the valkyries are described as bands of warrior-women only the leader of whom is ever named. She is invariably a human woman, the beautiful daughter of a great king, though she shares some of the supernatural abilities of her anonymous companions. In the first of the three Helgi Lays, Helgi Hjörvarðsson is accosted by a band of nine valkyries the leader of whom, Svava, is the daughter of a king called Eylimi. In the second and third lays, the valkyries are led by Sigrun, who is the daughter of King Hogni; she marries the hero Helgi Hundingsbani and bears him sons. The most famous of the valkyries, Brynhildr, is also a human princess. In the Sigrdrífumál (The Ballad of the Victory-Bringer) she is never named, being called simply Sigrdrífa (“Victory-Bringer”), and there are only hints that she is not a deity; what’s more, we are told nothing of her parentage. In the corresponding passage in the Volsunga saga, however, she is identified as Brynhildr, the daughter of King Budli. (Sigrdrífa is also identified with Brynhildr in another heroic lay, Helreið Brynhildar, or Bryndhildr’s Ride to Hel.)

The word “valkyrie” comes from the Old Norse valkyrja (plural “valkyrur”), from the words “val” (to choose) and “kyrja” (slaughter). Literally the term means choosers of the slain. It is cognate to the Old English “wælcyrige”. The German form “Walküre” was coined by Richard Wagner from Old Norse.[4]

Various individual valkyries are mentioned in numerous forms of Germanic literature.

[edit] Major Valkyries
Several valkyries appear as major characters in extant myths.

Brynhildr appears in Völsunga saga. Her name means “Byrnie of battle.”
Hildr appears in the legend of Hedin and Högni, in Ragnarsdrápa and in the Edda. Her name means “Battle.”
Sigrdrífa appears in Sigrdrífumál. Her name means “She who Drives Victory.”
Sigrún appears in Helgakviða Hundingsbana II. Her name means “Knower of Mysteries (or spells) of Victory.”
Sváva appears in Helgakviða Hjörvarðssonar.
Ölrún, Svanhvít, and Alvitr appear in Völundarkviða. “Ölrún” means “Knower of the Mysteries (or spells) of Ale.”
Þrúðr is a daughter of Thor.
Other sources indicate that some other valkyries were notable characters in Norse mythology, such as Gunnr who appears on the Rök Runestone, and Skögul who still appeared on a runic inscription in 13th century Bergen.


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