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Drawing Men the HipChick Way: Part 1

I’ve taken some screen captures of a type of film that is rather rare in this day and age: Surfer, Dude. It’s about a happy character who’s world is turned upside down by the contrived commercialization of his mellow life style. Poor beautiful thing!

It is a pet project that is co- produced and stared in by Matthew McConaughey. The critics panned the film as a vanity project. Too bad and screw them. I loved the film so much that I BOUGHT it. I’m really puzzled how critics can love a disgusting film like Superbad with its disgusting bodily function and secretions humor and have nothing but contempt for an enlightening story about a beautiful well kept happy stoner-surfer who strives to preserve his happy-surfing hippy lifestyle from the reality tv market.

Sure the film’s turning points are bit soft (meaning without a dramatic punch to advance a story from one act to another). Perhaps the writers couldn’t think of a way at the time to give them more kick. However, I would prefer a subtle turning point that doesn’t feature a trite action stolen or overused by every single film in it’s genre, i.e. a group of down and out team member who group slap hands and cheer “Let’s do it” before taking on their adversaries. Been there, done that. Surfer, Dude sought different solutions in its story and that’s why I liked it. Surfer, Dude might also have been panned because some many people hate to see a beautiful-well adjusted character when they themselves are so wretched and unattractive.

Paradoxically to critics opinions, what makes Surfer, Dude easier to like despite it’s flaws is the beautiful and charismatic Matthew McConaughey. I usually don’t go for All-American-Pie types, but Mattie was adorable as Steve Addington. Women are given a rare treat to look at a clean, non-bear-hairy, ripped but non-threatening male character. It’s a dream. I know surfer are among the most approachable sportsman on the planet, you can practically walk up to them and hug ‘e like stiffed animals in So Cali, but Matty’s Texas drawl-Malibu dude dialect hybrid makes this character gold. Furthermore, for an artist like me, he make terrific reference–especially for Giermo!

Enjoy the pics!

Biceps bulging in the dorsal ( front to back) plane. Good abdominal reference too. Note how they are wider on McConaughey and not overworked. The waist is also not cinched into a wasp shape which does exist on some guys but it’s more characteristic of a woman’s shape. This is a nice friendly stance too, so it’s easier to remember while I draw. I usually block out most guy reference poses because they’re so aggressive.

Good guy struggle pose. I screen capped this entire action. I’ll post it in a later blog entry.

Muscles at work. Very important for an animator. I used to watch my boyfriend’s shoulder blades at work during sex. Far more fascinating than what was going on physically. What else was there do while I faked it?

I think I’ll draw the “kite” over this pic for study. Later.

Ooh, that hard to draw arm! Have you noticed that the biceps are not bulgey all the way around? They’re flat in the sagittal plane and bulge in the dorsal plane.

Great view of the trapezius muscle. The “kite” as it is called is a great way to breakdown the forms that make up the back. It also give more structure to side views.

Muscles at work again. Not flexiing, just dusting off a breakfast burrito that landed on him.

A boy butt with full thighs instead of just body builder bulk or “tops of legs”! Imagine that!

Surfer, Dude is also a great film to study “guy positions”. Look! A picture of a guy in a static position doing something else besides standing or reclining!

Nice back pose once again. Good hand study too! I know you hate being seen as nothing but a sex symbol Mr. McConaughey, but I really appreciate the friendly exposure of your anatomy in this film. My work will benefit greatly because of Surfer, Dude!

Many thanks!

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