SoleilSmile (Ashanti Miller) is an animator by profession and sequential artist by hobby. She has worked for a number of animation studios over the past 16 years most notably Warner Bros., Disney, Spumco and Sesame Workshop. HipChick Comics is her personal side project where she applies the techniques she learns in the field to her personal stories.

HipChick Comics
Soleil Smile has completed two graphic novels: Superficial and In Between Days. These two volumes feature stories that are not often told in mainstream media, yet follow the standard three act structure. They are Heroine’s Journey’s of three goddesses of the Shinto-Hindi pantheon, Sakura, Nami and Maloni. Despite possessing wondrous powers, their struggles are  typical female themes of love, valor and betrayal, but with a twist. Power often comes to those who don’t want it, being the most gorgeous vision on the planet will not automatically win you the love of your choice and when you’re omnipotent, it’s best not let everyone know about it and just sit back and watch the show.

KlashkaTse is the latest adventure in the HipChick Comic series. It is the story of the human characters of the vast cast of characters and their joys and struggles in the artist communities of the Bay Area, New York and Los Angeles. Klashkatse is a band of studio session artists who have outgrown composing for the acts of their record label and strike out their own. Yet, when over-educated people get collaborate, they tend to lose sight of what their audience wants. Therefore, KlashkaTse bring son a new member. Someone who isn’t jaded who has a finger on the pulse of student loan paying, house buying, bankable pop. The 15 year old hipster art chick named Tabitha Soleil who has no clue how to handle the opportunity.

So, that’s the story of SoleilSmile and the adventures of the 175 characters that inhabit their own little partitions of her mind. These stories aren’t for everyone. The controversial themes will rub many people the wrong way, but they’ll urge the reader to think, fume and discourse. Most off all ,the diverse personalities should raise awareness  of such social anomalies asexuality, psychological infidelity, and the magical world of the artist community amid the grit of the inner city.



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