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Autumn Floods Excerpt by Chuang Tzu

Chuang Tzu was fishing from the banks of the Slave Creek when two ambassadors from the King of Ch’u approached. “Our master wishes to encumber you with the governance of his realm, ” they said.

Chuang Tzu held his pole and without looking back replied, “I’ve heard that Ch’u has a spirit turtle that’s been dead three thousand years; that the king has it wrapped and boxed and stored in the high hall of the ancestral temple. Do you think that turtle would rather have died so his bones could be ennobled, or to be living, dragging its tail in the mud?”

“Why he’d rather be living, dragging his tail in the mud,” the ambassadors agreed.

“Go away,” Chuang Tzu said. “I’m dragging my tail in the mud.”

Wife of Bath’s Tale

Here is a wonderful film of the Wife of Bath’s Tale by Joanna Quinn. It was part a BBC animated series of Geoffrey Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales. I remember a bard visited my 6th grade class and told us a G-rated version of this story. I don’t remember the inciting incident, all I remember is the crone with pussy lips that the knight had to kiss and the crone become a beautiful women.

That’s all I remember, but it was my favorite story told of the day. The bard owned an Oakland bookstore called Mama Bears which specialized in literature with female leads. Her daughter Gabrielle was one my classmates up through 8th grade. I hope the store is still around.

Anyhoo, enjoy the film 🙂

Electronic Body Music-Industrial Dance

I’ve been trying to look for the name of this track and it’s genre for like, 3 years, because this is the genre KlashkaTse is before Tabby is hired to bubblegum the scene up so the band member can pay their student loans.

ANyhoo: I give you the Electronic/Industrial Body Movement genre featuring Bigod 20’s “The Bog”.

Studio Killers: Should I do this with KlashkaTse?

I couldn’t bring myself to follow the brilliant idea of a virtual rock band the Gorillaz. Yet, I see someone already has and have done a very good job! They are called the Studio Killers and are most awesome.

Should I do the same with KlashkaTse? Instead of a television show, I could simply make interstitial videos for MTV and Cartoon Network! I’m excited 😀

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