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Hermes and Ares Type The Sexy Bad Boy

Although, I would advise all girls to leave Ares alone, unless you are able to kick his ass…

I’m researching pretty boys for the next issue of Superficial’s character designs. In doing so, I ran across a film called: The Most Beautiful Wife.

It’s about a small time mafioso who has a fixation on a girl who has no interest in him. ‘s a total prick, he wants to marry her, not just use her, but the girl doesn’t want to marry a crook. No matter how gorgeous he is. Also, his medieval mentality that a girl must marry whoever she sleeps with is off putting as well. What’s more is that the entire region at the time shared the same philosophy which prompted the handsome pig-headed mafioso to kidnap the girl and rape her so he could marry her. After all, she stood him up at the altar when he tried to own her “honorably”.

Enjoy the pretty ‘bad boy’pics!

I go potty over men in suits!

The mafioso learns the hard way not to apply the mantra; at first you don’t succeed, cheat. His plan backfires when the stubborn girl takes presidence by pressing charges against him, which was unheard of in 1960’s Sicily. She gave him plenty of chances to apologize which would’ve lifted the charges, but the mafioso who had already lost face for being left standing at the altar, was too stubborn to concede. Therefore, he was sentenced. It’s a bitter sweet ending. The girl is a savior to all the girls who had to endure such crap for centuries, however she weeps in guilt for sending an otherwise kind, hence salvagable man she might possibly have grown to love to 10 years in prison.

The brunette beat out the blonde this time, but it’s still for having Northern European features: blue eyes.

“A woman is not meant to share in the pleasure. She is meant to endure.”
-phucking Medeval mindset!

The boy was a beauty but a stubborn jerk and a criminal. Look at it this way, could you have successfully influence him to lead an honest life? Better to let him mature in prison. That is if the system isn’t like an American one that breeds better criminals.

Such as love, C’est la Guerre!

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