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Ode to the Kink

Ode to the Kink

My hair, my hair.
My waving extension of my waving brain.
Evidence of my survival, my adaptability.
My evolution, my heritage
I was born with a head cushion
I was born with a crown,
Proof of my royalness!

My highness. my most royal nappiness
May naps tapping cosmic wisdom into my inner coils!
Antennae to the macrocosmic
The primeval kink.
The genesis frizz

Proclaiming for all to see my birthright.
A child of the Sun!

My hair grows to the sun, my radiates like the sun.
Reception of sunlight
See how the highlights, the sunbeams
Dance among the circumventing pathways to grown chakra



The wave of the common denomination all energy, matter, Creation.
The Kink wave to the inch still here after 400 years
Of oppression, and pressing, defying wood, plastic, metal, gravity, water, technology, heat, curlers, permanents, straighteners, de-frizzers, grease and even Death.

Oh, Kink.
You just grow back, come back, and go back.
You are the real permanent!
Why they call you bad?
You’ bad alright!
They will dig me up in 5,000 years a
And you will still be there.


Reminding me of who the ancients were.
But more than that, I love you kink because
I love Me.

I grew you, my crop, my crown.
So, reach on up to the heavens
Ferrying over the waves
My prayers thank you to the Gods
And their messages down to me.

-Meroe 1979



Two Black girlfriends of mine have recently wed. For one of my oldest friends, it happened so fast, that I can hardly believe it! In speculation that they are marrying admirable men, I happy to say that there is hope for African-American women. I am glad. However, the news has prompted a different goddess to dominate my psyche. In fact it came upon my birthday. I turned 39 August 8th and I experienced and overwhelming sense of confidence in myself. As though I do not have to dodge eugenicists anymore and I can socially go after what I want and take on the competition.

“It’s your turn.”

Hera is prodding my defiantly independent brain. I would like to think it is Athena for this goddess is enticing me with home stability to sweeten the deal. It may be Hestia who know I long for a home of my own and always have, but it is Hera who urges me to compromise on my ideals and co-habitate with a suitable mate. From an economic standpoint, this world seems to be built for two. Housing surely is if you want to live in the same city or STATE where you work. California and New York aren’t the only hot spots. Israel’s real estate is so expensive that most of it’s residents can not afford to live there, hence the settlements in the West Bank. How can a loaned owner be so greedy that he/she’ll will gauge the price on his property at the expense of peace for his country? Madness. People will have to revert to the old way of marriage where romance is optional and job of the spouse is mandate. Clean, bear children and provide sex. What a miserable existence. It can’t be much fun for the man either.

A husband would never know if his wife is giving her best performance or not as he labors over her. Sex can be beautiful, but most men learn their techniques from porn so what can be a beautiful dance turns out to be the ugliest acts of noise and violence colloquially referred to as the horizontal mambo. Many women refuse to give in these 11:30 pm labors that is supposed to last for just an indemnified 8 minutes, but is prolonged for all night service. Save it till the morning after, my ass. Choosing a life-mate sexual partner is kinesthetic affair, but in this patriarchal society, a girl is considered unworthy of marriage if she kisses too many frogs. What would Hera, the goddess of marriage say to that? She got lucky for Zeus was already an excellent lover. The three year honeymoon attests for that. However, what about women who are stuck with her clumsy son Hephaestus? Aphrodite was right to cuckold him. The goddess of love’s choice reflects the attitude of many women, have a nice guy for husband and take an alpha male for a lover. I for one would let my husband do the same. I would be a happy Hestia to a Hermes hubby so long as the man is brilliant and does not bring his lovers home or their diseases. Infection is very real. Just think of poor Ofra Haza who was infected by her philandering HIV+ husband 😦

May you continue to rest in peace incredible chanteuse.

Hera may be possessing my psyche as of late, but if I do choose to put myself out there to attract a husband, I don’t want the marriage of her design. I prefer Aphrodite’s union for aforementioned reasons. I am in no way attracted to Ares archetypes, but I would love an Apollo or Hermes for a husband. Apollo is admirable and resourceful, yet cold. That’s alright, I prefer to sit in my workspace for hours on end drawing anyway. Hermes would provide welcome entertainment upon return from his travels, but since he is a trickster prone to dishonest means to meet ends, how he makes a living would be always be in question, which would drive me to distraction. In the monkey’s paw of fate, I may end up with a clever traveler who is a drug dealer in disguise. I would like to look on the bright side, but as a Black woman who has enough working against her from marginalization, that last thing i need to be a gangster’s moll…or the wife of the Ponzi scheme guy.

So, Hera and I suspect, Athena. What do you have in store for me? Should I marry to avoid having to live with my mother for the rest of my life? If so, will you help me find a man who won’t force me to have children and dominate me? Will I find an ideal match in a Dr. Quest who will admire my choice a mother of art and make love like a ballet dancer? I would love it of you sent Bill Nye the Science Guy my way, but I believe he is taken. Roberto Bolle is gay and will surely marry another man with his nifty New Yorker citizenship.

Well, as I dream, I will work on crunching my sugar tummy fat into nothingness and opening my mind. I still want a certain guidelines met. I can still afford to be picky. Judging from the last potential employer who interviewed me, my boobs can still attract the type of man I want, if not for the ring, than the night. However, I will call on my inner Hera to help me turn lust into matrimony.

Black Matriarchy: A HipChick Comics Perspective


The following essay is not a rant against the wonderful Black men who raise their families, keep that fortune within the race by marrying Black women and raise successful sons and who make a positive difference in the world. However, it obvious that such men are rare. There just aren’t enough to go around. Black women often lose our knights in shining armor to straight-haired women outside the race. I am also also not against inter-racial couples. I would be a hypocrite to be so for all of my boyfriends have been white. I like geeks and I merge with men who share my geeky interests. I would happily consider a Black geek man, but the only ones I know are gay or fiercely taken. Nevertheless, it seems that our best and brightest marry outside the race or only marry within the race for the sake of Afrocentrism, which is unfortunate.  Love is organic. What honor is there in winning a mate by default?  Still, it would be nice to see more successful Black families. You can’t control who you fall in love with, but it would still be nice to see a successful Black family headed by a stable, erudite Black father. Instead, Black women, for the most part get the strays and losers of the herd, which has caused major problems in the African-American community in financial stability, strength of character and education. Personally, I think Black women who want children and go it alone as they have been, but with enough education which leads to the financial means and resources to raise their family successfully. Women have raised children without men before in collectives. Why not now? This is also not a rant solely against Black Men. This essay is more of question of why alternative’s to Patriarchy is considered subversive. There are a men of all races who aren’t the marring kind, yet impregnate a fair share of women who raise their daughters and love their sons. As a result, you get a population of spoiled man-boys who are unable to provide for families and strong women who become breadwinners and leaders in life: a matriarchy. This phenomenon has become endemic to contemporary African American culture and it’s time Black women were recognized as a legitimate leaders equal to men of their society.

Silvia Soleil speaks:

Why Aren’t Black Women Recognized As the Leaders of the Black Race?

Upon writing this concept, I assumed that I was the first to coin the term, but accruing to a Wikipedia article of the same name I am not. However, in contrast to Wikipedia, I must say that the Black community it a matriarchy.

Emerging Matriarchy in a Patriarchal Society
A Black mother prepares her children for their adults lives a bit differently. Black girl children are pushed to succeed in education and career and Black male children are spoiled to compensate for the missing husband in the Black household. This parallels the Creator Goddess and her Son/Lover archetype. This archetype is from the story of Cybil who was the goddess of the earth in early Mediterranean tradition who creates the world by immaculately conceiving a son who in turn inseminates her . Their children become the inhabitants of the world and we are all decedents of them today.  Since this myth is from the Mediterranean, the archetype of a mother who spoils her son in universal.  That’s when the father is supposed to step in and teach the boy to be man. However, 50-if not 70% of Black women so not have the luxury of a husband so the Black son of a single mom stays a boy. With sons spoiled to this degree, this son has no need to venture out on a Hero’s Journey to face the perils of the world and thus become a man, because he has everything he wants in the bosom of his mother. The same is not true for girls. Childbirth is how we face death and conquer it and it happens right at home. Therefore, our mother’s instill us with the power to look death in the face when tricks it’s way into our wombs and beat it.  The Black woman’s Hero’s  Journey comes in the guise of the impregnating predatory male who can ruin your life in 8 minutes of passion. A Black mother warns her daughter at the get go: don’t get pregnant and you’re on your own so prepare for survival. Furthermore, if you don’t want to be poor, don’t trust men. Men are the shape-shifter and the shadow instead of the knight in shining armor.
Therefore, Black women are resilient and wary. However, the ruling class interprets our demeanor as angry and unfeminine. In disagree. Black women are the governing power of Feminine- we’re matriarchal.  To us, feminine does not equal dependent. Weak and dependent is how a woman ends up on public assistance.

The Powerful Invisible Demographic
In an infuriating NPR article on the dropout rate of minorities and rural Whites from high school, a whopping 43% of Blacks drop out of high school. At first I was ashamed at the deterioration of my community since our peak pre-hip hop 1980’s, but then I thought of all of the successful Black women I know. Sure there are many Black women who become Welfare Queens, but I had a strong suspicion that NPR forgot to factor gender into the equation. I am sure most of that 43% of Black high school drop outs are Black MEN. For the sake of context, it was not the journalist job or the theme of the article to be gender specific. However, I think when it comes to Blacks of America and Sub-Saharan Africa, I think the world should make distinctions.
•    Who were welcomed and become the matriarchs of  Egyptian royal families. Black Women.
•    Despite having a vehement distaste for Black Africans who are considered “Zanj: slaves, who among the Zanj do the Arabs respect. Black women.
•    Who were the bread winners of their families since Reconstruction while Black men were plagued by the wake of Nat Turner’s rampage? Black women.
•    In the face of war torn Rwanda toad, who is building a crafts industry to support their families instead of using their income to further political conflicts? Black women.
•    Who took advantage of Brown vs. the Board of education and excelled in education and business. Black women.
•    Who has been consistently head of household since the Civil Right Movement. Black women.
•    When will the media get a clue and realize that the measure of man does not apply to the Black community any  longer.


A  minister following the words of Daniel Patrick Moynihan can preach equality diligence with all the fever you want to a congregation, but  It’s mostly the women who will be listening and take action. This is not a slight against the Black men who are breaking their necks to succeed, my rant is for the failures to who had potential, but choose the easier, short sighted path to a life of sloth and crime.
The Peanut Gallery will blame the emasculating Black woman for this phenomenon. We are not to blame. In fact, it because of the few Black women who emasculate their sons that get the Black men who succeed as far as they can without a father in life. However, once a boy outgrows his mother, her authority wanes and although he may still respect his mom, she is no longer a mentor and that’s where the missing link to Black male success. I had  several mentors in my formative years. As responsible, working adult, I know how important they are. A child can outgrow their parents in the education context as well.
Advancement Through Sexual Selection
Any woman will tell you that it’s better for a bad father to be gone than be part of the household as a drunken, festering sore on the health of the family psyche. There are those who live in a, ivory tower Disney’s Universe who say that Black women make poor choices in mates. True. However, what they repeatedly forget to include in their argument is that women are ranked and Black women are at the bottom of the sexual selection ladder. Therefore, we get the strays and losers. Every women has to kiss frogs until they find their prince and are sometimes left pregnant by them. Furthermore, excluding the Michelle Obama’s of the world, Princes of all colors avoid Black women. Don’t believe me? Dear White, Right-wing clueless senator who made the aforementioned “poor choices” comment, why didn’t you choose a Black woman for a wife?

Do I hear crickets?….yeah I thought so.

What are we? Ugly?
This leads me to different area of the topic: recent studies have shown that the earning power of Black women is less than that of men in general including the Black men who are successful. This is where marriage comes in: teamwork. When a person needs to prepare for that big push into management, they can go as far when they are scrambling to make rent.  I’ll use myself as an example: if I had been able to make a good match, I would never have had to move back in with my mother, in order to advance my career. I moved from a lovely San Francisco apartment which was located in one of the best parts of the city, because I could not wait for the right job to come around after graduation. My landlord even suggested that my boyfriend move in to help with rent. I was open to the idea, but there was a big problem: I had no boyfriend and I am unable to attract someone comparable to myself. Many have this problem no matter the race, but the problem is especially acute in Black women. We have no one to pool our assets with. Successful Black men marry outside the race and other races view Black women chiefly as liaisons. I attracted many a bloodshot rheumy eyed district manager, but they all had wives. I really put myself out there–even on Cragsligst with a mention of a shared centrally located apartment in San Francisco to sweeten the deal to prove that I was a good match, but the only person who showed up was a toothless,  night club bouncer who didn’t even know ow to drive and no college degree. So despite the ads and my regular visits to the MatrixFillmore-the trendiest bar where highly educated singles meet up, no one approached me seriously. Nor any of my much lovelier than I, Black girl friends. None of hese lovely Savah and Leetah of Elf Quest lookalikes have much luck with developing life-mate relationship with comparable partners–and no Mr. Cosby we’re not going to marry delivery boys and men with criminal records! Let the women of the ruling class pair up with them, we have enough working against us. The bottom line is, Prince Charming does not apply to Black women. We’re on our own. We must be both male and female. Oya and Athena rule our hearts. It’s not a choice, it’s survival.

In the Beginning…
Is Black culture the first re-emerged matriarchy? Historical circumstances seems to be making it true. If so, I hope Black women can temper their power with dignity. I will reference Jean Shinoda Bloen’s: Goddesses in Everywoman again to address the folkloric archetypes of the Black Woman:





Western women have their goddess archetypes in various pantheons which share parallels, for example Brunhilde is the Norse counterpart of Athena. The Black matriarchy or the “work horse” is most akin to Athena:  diligent, regal, resourceful and just–who can show as Aegis of “don’t mess with me” when she feels the need to be an enforcer. Most men do not like that! However, West Africans have their own pantheon of archetypes. The closest counterpart to Athena would be Oya.  Oya, the Yoruban goddess of violent winds, rebirth, and the emasculating “‘dis” will always be part of a Black woman’s personae, but Oya can be subtle too when accompanied by Nana, the wise goddess of the Sky and Stars, Oschun, the goddess of everything beautiful, Aja, the forest goddess of medicine, and Yemaya the temperamental goddess of the seas. Respectively, you have every character, Tasha Smith, Angela Basset,  Halle Berry, Whoopi Goldberg and Hattie Mc Daniel ever played. The Western view likes to exemplify the negative of these archetype without realizing that they parallel their own. People are people no matter where you put them. Here’s the comparative archetype list. Take note of the variables.


Sapphire/ Oya/ Hera

Jezebel/Oschun/ Aphrodite

Workhorse/ Athena/ Artemis/ Oya/Nana

Your creator/destroyer, corporate manager, artist, doctor and mother isn’t a Sapphire, Workhorse, Jezebel, and Mammy of minstrel era America’s interpretation. She is a Goddess in Everywoman for Black women. A diverse array of re-appropriated archetypes to carry our human classification out of the margins and into the ranks  and respect that Asians enjoy in the American ruling class .

The Future
Black women are the future world leaders. They are already a burgeoning force in the African Union. Men may be physically stronger than us, but women have equal strength in  communication and management. When Black women recognize the emerging power that is Sub-Saharan Africa as a whole, investments will be made. Black women will have a cause to channel their collective energy at long last. It will take a bit of the crafty, non-no-nonsense in Oya of the female Black consortium to unify the Bantu-Khiosan peoples and show a competency for government to rid our identities of “Zanj (slave)” forever. By reclaiming our history and bringing order to the continent of our origin we will finally eradicate our vulnerability and win the respect of the world. Black women are well in their way! How fitting it is for the unifying power of The Mother to order to the continent that gave birth to human civilization.

Inspiration for the Saturnites…or is that Saturnaliens?

Found her!

Yu-Shin Mue Kim‬ Mue chan, you are a goddess! We simply MUST collaborate! These characters would be great for the Saturnites in KlaskaTse and perfect for a short vfx project! I really need to find this this artist!


I bet these guys throw one swinging party!

A Different Genus of Black

A pre-GRE corrected freewrite.

KlashkaTse is a fun comic about artists in the music industry, but the story wouldn’t be a HipChick Comic if it didn’t have a social science subtext. Since I am Black and I am being pressured by nagging forces to write about my own people instead of the White and Asian groups that dominate my lifestyle, Klashatse will feature the Black Experience. Yet, a different Black Experience.

I will be telling the story of the Blacks who are the intended product of Brown vs. the Board of Education and Pell Grants. We are more universal in our interests, but are seen as “uppity” by rigid Afrocentrists. In the context of this essay, the term Afrocentrist will be used to describe a group of African-Americans who prefer to insulate themselves from influences outside the Black community. They’re preservationists, yes, but many of them are also racist. They are extremely vocal and posses the fervor of Malcolm X at the height of the Civil Rights Movement and  pre-Mecca enlightenment. When it comes to causes, it takes all kinds, but the rhetoric of this group frightens me. I also think they’re setting us back. That’s just my opinion.

I am more of a follower of W.E.B. Du Bois. I have a different interpretation of the Talented Tenth than that of the Afrocentrist though. I follow Du Bois’ advice that if the marginalized wishes to be respected by the ruling class, they must work twice as hard as they do. This doesn’t mean marginalized groups should kill themselves rolling over and wagging their tails for approval, but they should embrace education and humility ( for lack of a better word) until the negative stereotypes against their subsides. This is has worked for the Jews and the Asian communities which took advantage of the rights, Blacks worked so hard for and they excelled. What happened to the mass positive change that was supposed transform the Black community? It never came. At least not in not the great wave that was expected.

Sloth and Excessive Merriment

– An incomplete Wikipedia passage of an account of an Arab merchant’s assessment of Bantu( Black) Africans. The statement has been omitted from the article, which is regrettable for I find it’s always useful to know what you’re enemies are thinking.

Tabby, Soleil Smile and the rest of the Black members of the Berkeley Clique are in a constant struggle to distinguish themselves from the rowdy kids in the monstrously large high school down the road. Shop keepers limit the number of students who enter their stores, making the acquisition of lunch a nightmare and naturally the Berkeley Clique does not want to get looped into a crowd with a bad reputation. What respectful group of kids would? When you live in the inner-city, you are always vulnerable. You’re not vulnerable to crimes as much as the media’s hype of it. The attack comes from the suburban ruling class’ judgment of you.

Another challenge in the Berkeley Clique are The Dozens. They’re the murder of crows who make homeroom hell by badgering, the Berkeley Clique with insults. The reason for this is boredom induced by the neglectful teacher, and the usual high school bullshit rivalry between cliques. The “Huxtables”( the girls who have money for expensive clothes) are never harangued, but the punk, goth, geek, mod amalgamation that is the Berkeley Clique is never left in peace. Unless the mighty Soleil Smile throws a chair across the room scattering the crows.

No. I do not apologize using the pejorative term “crow” to describe the Dozens. So long as the term is used correctly and within the culture, it is not considered racist. The Black production, The Wiz used it in 1979 approprately so, illustrate the crows who chastised the Scarecrow from reading and seeking the brain he believes he does not have.  A crow is a ne’er do well who discourages those around him from advancing in life. A good example in reality is the tendency for the group of Blacks who accuse the bookish intellectuals in the community of “acting White” for embracing education and having career goals outside of sports and music. A parallel to such behavior are the jocks vs. the geeks in general American culture, but with higher stakes. For the bullying of intellectuals in the African-American community hinders the advancement of the entire race, not just a clique in high school . Another branch of the Afrocentric group are the people who were actually alive during the civil rights movement and still think world has not changed since the Jim Crow era. Old habits die hard and the relics are paranoid. I should know, I live with one. As open as my mom is most of the time, there is still a knee jerk reaction to any injustice against the underdog that will trigger my mother to knock a subject out of its context and land it into a civil injustice discussion. I had a roommate who is even worse and I don’t want to go into my dad’s radical mind. The latter two people liked White people as individuals, but loathed them as a whole. Now how is this attitude supposed to create a congenial world? People like my father and my old head roommate frown upon inclusion and Blacks who have a multicultural work view. Their quest for preservation leads to xenophobia, which is not only lonely, but stifles creativity and trade. Social isolation leads to economic isolation and Black Supremacists don’t see the short sightedness of their philosophy of self-containment. The recent cause that ignites their fervor is the quest to find proof of Bantu African influence and rule in ancient Egypt.
Yes, I agree that Blacks were in ancient Egypt, presumably in the south known as Upper Egypt (by way of the flow of the Nile river) but the homogenous culture eventually lead to a decline. Although the Blacks of Upper Egypt ( or the darker skinned peoples of North East African decent if you would prefer) fell out of power, Egypt herself rose to greatness for every culture imaginable passed through the land enriching it with trade and knowledge. Hyksos, Greek, Roman, Arab and Germanic ( including the French who are historically Germanic: Franks) have all colonized Egypt at some time. One day, before I turn 45, I simply must go there and find out what happened to the Blacks who existed before the Pharaohs and what is the connection between the Horn of Africa and the Sahel empire in the West where Ashanti’s and Yorubans rule. I also want to know, what war, environmental condition or cultural practice occurred that encouraged the West Africans to sell their own people and neighbors into slavery? Could slavery have been a sort of penal system like proscriptions in ancient Rome? Could be, and I intend to find out.

Returning with the elixir.

The Multi-culti congenials, Blacks like Tabby, Soleil and Ken are on a Heroe’s Journey. They are the one’s who will venture out into the world and return to their home communities with the elixir, hence opening the world for a new generation of color-blind Blacks who will devour the spoils. They will continue the practice which which with luck will grow exponentially with each generation. That is, if they are not stopped or killed for their ideals. Yes, Blacks as whole should show solidarity toward a unified cause for advancement for all. However, I think it’s time to do some housecleaning as we move on to the next step which isn’t clearly defined. Drawing pride from our pre-colonial history may be just vehicle to unite us toward a new cause that will heal our insecurities and fragmented society. I suggest we take an idea from the Chinese-American community in regards to preservation of ethic history. There should be a community sponsored after school program that solidifies ethnic identity with a African based curriculum. The Chinese-Americans have had “Chinese School” for years according to Maxine Hong Kingston. An African companion to the public school Western curriculum will keep resentful Black students riveted to their seats with interest. Not only would this be a godsend to working parents grounded under the No Child Left Behind latchkey restriction, but it will offset the drop out rate among that dangerous year of 10th grade boredom, where the Dozens and the drop outs are in full swing. Teaching critical thinking is what the Peace Corps color-blind can bring to the table of the Black community thus proving to Afrocentrists that their methods are just viable, and the knowledge shared, invaluable.  The result will ultimately shatter the right-wing extremist view of the subversive Black kennet and the words of the few haters that remain will hold little weight. No one can make you feel like shit by calling you a monkey when you know your history and it’s position contributions to civilization.

Seriousness over. Back to the fun.

Anyhoo, that’s all for the heated topics. However, it is important to know underlying theme of series. The subplot. Now let’s move on to music, music reference and scrumptious design reference for incidental characters. There will be a lot more men in the Klashketse series and I intend to dig up some beauties, so stay tuned Heh, I almost feel young and optimistic again…almost.

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