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Superficial: What Lies Beneath

Superficial is an odd name for a comic about the world pantheon of goddesses. However, the name reflects the facade of the rich and powerful. Powerful people give off an intimidating air and it seems that they life of luxury, but their state of comfort is very…fragile.
In regards to the goddesses, the term superficial illustrates their fading power of the old neolythic religion of the Goddess. In the comic, so long as they operate clandestinely their power still holds. However, the instant they are discovered they will be reduced to either public servants like super heroes or hunted down out of fear. The world of mortals only respect deities when their powers are used in service of the powerless. To be anything else is demonic therefore there is a veil.
And Nami’s love of humans is a constant threat to that veil

Superficial Feedback

Superficial #4

Beautiful and brilliant!
Charles of Animation Nation

I’d have to go back and look at some of the earlier art for Superficial to make sure
my point of reference is correct but it seems like the painting you are doing now is adding a lot to the art.
I really like it. It is easy on the peepers.
-gergley of Animation Nation

love this comic! It’s so visually stunning and the story is so wonderfully addictive.
-Livinia of Online Comics.net

Superficial Inbetween Days#3 Casual Encounters

Excellent artwork, nicely styled. Enjoyed the story. Go through the text carefully and look for typo and grammatical errors. There’s quite a few. Also, several pages are posted twice on the same screen. It affects the quality of the presentation. You’re very talented and an imaginative storyteller.
-Charles of Animation Nation

Story and artwise I thought it was very cool. It manages to work on several levels very well at once
-Rupert Piston of Animation Nation

The art is great!
-Shaviroinique of Animation Nation

Awesome works!!!
Love the goddess of winter page. my favorite!
-Snakebite of Animation Nation

Superficial #1 and #2

Wow I love the comic and its characters, update soon ok?
babe07631 of Online Comics.net

Shibuya Kei

Shibuya Kei is the official music genre of Superficial. For those who aren’t familiar, I’ve posted some videos of the genre. Enjoy!

Fantastic Plastic Machine

Pizzicato 5


Kahimi Karie

Power of Language

Oghma , lord of language and speech. Son of the Daghda. Oghma is pronounced the same as ohmn, and no it’s not a coincidence.
The celtic pantheon and Hindu pantheon have may things in common, like the Morrigan and Calie (sp?) because the two cultures are ancient cousins.

–Felt Tip Faerie

That would be Kali, my good Peggy

Soleil Smile

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