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Jane Fonda Against the Vietnam War: She was still right.



Someone needs to make the distinction of the atrocities she was speaking against and the orthodox warfare that restaurant owner obviously served under. When prostitutes are chopped up and thrown into trash bags, and civilians are tortured, someone needs to speak up against it.
Yes, I saw the recent Ken Burns documentary, but I’ve also taken Asian American and Asian studies courses for my humanities requirement in college. What I learned during wartime in the 20th Century on Asian soil was not pretty.




 My term paper for Asian-American studies was about how about GenX children of Asian and Western heritage, it was difficult to for them to talk about their parents. I got evasive answers at every turn. Finally, one of my classmates who was fully Asian told me: The reason why their avoiding the question is because no one wants to tell you that their father was a G.I. and their mother was a prostitute.”









I was shocked. I was hoping to find a common thread between biracial African Americans and and biracial Asian-Americans and boy did I find it. Can any person of color get full respect from their Western partner. Asians and Asian Americans fought for respectability and won. They had to endure the “exotica myth”. A Japanese American friend of mine broke up with her Western boyfriend when she confronted him about his attraction to her and found her suspicions were true.
I expanded on this issue with my graphic novel, InBetween Days.

 So , yeah, Jane Fonda stance on the Vietnam war is still valid. It’s just like with so much in journalism, the story of Vietnam is painted with a very broad brush. It takes those who suffer the most (especially in ways that don’t involve blood) to dig into the corners with an awl and pull out the details. Those storytellers are often women.





Through the miasma and out the other side. I think Grandma Ada needs time to figure out what has come to pass and perhaps shake off the stress of her life before joining St. Bonaventure. So, Beatrice awaits in Purgatory. I wonder of Grandma Ada’s “Beatrice” is her friend with the sunflower garden or the neighbor with the nice veranda? Perhaps Sunflower Lady and Veranda lady can be her guides.

Grandma Ada had many church-lady friends and acquaintances who kept her employed. She had many jobs throughout her life and the last was as a crossing guard. Much like Hyacinth, I can imagine her mothering the neighborhood children on the importance of a neat appearance. I wonder how many with dirty socks tried their best to sneak past her unnoticed!

Grandma Ada Has Died

Pleasant Journey, Grandma Ada. I hope St. Bonaventure shows you a wonderful time.

I think the first thing she’ll do in her afterlife is cook something nice.


Grandma Ada
You had such a hard life.
Growing up under Jim Crow
Growing up under the influence of gender roles
Which had failed you, which fails so many women.
But you persevered.
Then your children persevered.
Which gave my generation, your grand children
The opportunity to escape the oppression you were reared under.
Thus allowing us to live the life you probably dreamed of.
Were you an artist, too?
I wonder.
Your daughter is one, and like you, never got the chance to realize her potential.
Her job, her advancement, was to migrate.
Just your migrated from your place of origin and pain.
As our ancestors did before you.

Through one step at a time our family gave birth to a Dr. of Art Administration, an engineer, a, Emmy winning animation filmmaker, a sociologist, another engineer, an accountant and contractor. There isn’t a dud among us!
It takes so many families far longer to achieve white collar status.
The Powell-Parker—nee Parker (it was all YOU) family, thanks to your determination did so in just six generations.
Just six from slavery to middle class…

Thank you, Grandma Ada
For every beating
Every care package
and every butter cookie, iced lemon cake and sweet potato pie!

Thank you for the life I got to live, that should’ve been yours.
I hope in the next life
You’ll soar even higher.
Make it so!

Be brave through your Transcendence and Pleasant Journey.








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First Inner Outer Last

F.O.I.L. I think this technique is supposed to be used on binomials and polynomials and PEMDAS is for shorter equations. I’ll verify my assumptions with a math teacher, of course.

Examples provided by Encore’s Math Advantage (when it was available for Macintosh…)


Art Math: Cardioids

Smurfy site with art maths!

Cusped epicycloids develop—the cardioid, nephroid, and ranunculoid.

It’s nice to know their names at last!


More interesting things. The difference between geometry and trig is that although geometry is a broader area of study, trigonometry is used for astronomy because it concerns infinite measurements.

Quora on Trigonometry

“Other than geometry being a lot broader, the main difference is that trigonometry is computational. Trigonometry was developed after geometry for the purposes of astronomy.”

“Trigonometry is a branch of Geometry. Perhaps a better question is: What is the difference between Trigonometry today and Geometry as practiced by Euclid?

It’s hard for us to understand now, but Euclid was not concerned with absolute measures of lengths and angles. With angles there were a few special cases, parallel and perpendicular, but otherwise geometry was about relative sizes. These sides are congruent. This line is a perpendicular bisector of that side. These angles are congruent. You can only do relative measurements with a straightedge and a compass. The real numbers aren’t involved. There are no infinite processes.”

“Geometry is an overarching term to describe shapes and their related measures of size, length, angles, etc.

More technically, geometry refers more to local measurements in contrast to topology which concerns itself with global measures.

Trigonometry is the mathematics of the circle.

 The definitions of the trig functions come from various measures of a circle:

The geometric picture of relationships of the points of a circle yields the trig graphs:





In summary, trigonometry is the algebra and geometry of a circle, while geometry describes any kind of shape.”

“Trigonometry is about triangles, relation between their sides, opposite angles etc. sine, cosine and tangent are few of the trigonometric functions.

Geometry is a broader term dealing with points, lines, surfaces, shapes etc.
It has specific formulas for these elements, for example, distance between two lines, area of a rectangle, volume of a cube etc.”


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