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Like Sylvia Soleil…Dearest, Robin…

Robin Williams killed himself two days ago. I want to accuse him of being selfish, but since Sylvia Soleil is a character of mine who does the same think when she feels it is time, I am compelled to rethink. I wrote the following hours after I heard the news and today I read that one of my speculations was not only true, but worked in tandem with the character I am developing now: Sylvia Soleil the scientist who develops a controversial, yet, beneficial neuro-toxin that eliminates the marriage debt.

Did Robin have a terminal illness? Was it depression? perhaps he’s like Sherlock and need to work in order to feel useful. Stimulated.
I had a moment of synchronicity this past Sunday afternoon recalling Mork’s chanting mantra: Mork calling Orson…Come in, Orson. Perhaps Robin’s mind is synching with the Collective Unconscious now; forgiven, welcomed and given a choice to continue Samsara or elevate to Nirvana.
Thank you for sharing your talent, Robin, Pleasant Journey. I hope that you are no longer hurting and that the Universe will be kind to you.

Much love,

Ashanti Miller


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