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Here are a few roughs of SydneyAsali.
I’m still waiting on alpha channel advice from a friend so I can include his tatooes. I’m also reseaching Gene Kelly for Syd’s legs. Full thighs are very rare on men, so it’s either stalk live ballet danseurs or take screen captures. Sadly, I no longer live in San Francisco with it acres of friendly gay ballet danseurs, so I’ll have to rely mister Kelly. Let’s hope he doesn’t mind…
Wish me luck!

Pitch for Superficial Solstice

Left over from my screen writing class.

Title: Superficial Solstice


Technical: Color / 35mm / 2.40:1 (PANAVISION)

Running time: approx. 80 minutes


Percieved Directors: Sally Potter or Julie Taymor.


Kurasawa’s Dreams, Xena and Clash of the Titans meets Sex and the City and James Bond


Deities and prominent mortals from all of over world and galaxy converge for a New Years Party at a temple in Japan.

All is invited save one mortal who overwhelming curiosity can spoil all the fun


A) The magical aerial dance scenes

B) Concert scenes. On of which ends with a clash between the Yuki Onna the Goddess of Winter and Odin’s most rebellious Valkyrie.

C) The confrontation and sentence of the intruder by the creator destroyer goddess that everyone knows from the old testament and Greek mythology and the great mother goddess herself who turns out to be the fan favorite of the series: Maloni.


A) Piggy back the fantasy and folklore genre set by Harry Potter and the Da Vinci Code. It will also please old Xena fans who yearn for powerful mythological female characters who do battle.

B) The romantic undertone to the series let’s us know that no one is immune to the pains of love, not even deities. It is also comical as the audience to treated to a glimpse in to the world of the gods. It’s not easy governing a planet and the universe even with magic powers.

C) Superficial is very hip social satire wrapped up in Sci-Fi packaging. It will appeal to the hipster and geekster in all of us.


Superficial Solstice will aim for a R rating due to sexual themes and graphic violence. It audience would be small, but has the potential to a be cult hit like 300 the Rocky Horror Picture Show. The budget would be moderate ( like that of 1992’s Orlando) with the majority of expenses going the special effects and animation, so this film would be best made after a larger following of the comic series grows.

The mythology context of the film will strike a familiar cord with the audience who delight in seeing modernized versions of their favorite pagan deities. The film will be a mix of live action, cg. Hand drawn animation will be used for interstitials between scenes. This technique was used in the film Tank Girl in the mid-90’s.


A cult hit and midnight movie sensation that will take it’ place aside Barbarella, Rocky Horror Picture Show and Jason and Argonauts.

The Goddesses Walk Among Us in Heels!

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