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A Long Time Coming…

Bill Cosby is no longer a hero. I think many still appreciate all the good he has done, but the Rape of Persephone has done it’s deed against a dark god of the underworld. Being a Hades male ( a man who prefers women much young enough to be daughter) is rougher than usual these days. What’s more, being a Black man with a yen for White women sparks the flame of White Sexual Paranoia.

scientific_racism_irish-1899In the Romantic Era, it was observed that the Sub-Saharan African man was the last race to have yet to procreate his genes beyond his native lands, so great systematic efforts were made to suppress the threat. In America, it was called Jim Crow. The objective was to dissuade Black men from marrying White women, To do so, he must be made less attractive to her by keeping him poor and disenfranchised. These were vigorously enforced tenet, while limiting the Black community’s education ( in certain subjects), less so. Per usual, industries will take mathematicians wherever they can get them! All kidding aside, systematic racism did little else but cover up the “problem” for the two factions were still craving each other from their respected sides.

breckGirlBlack fetish white women for their hair. Skin is secondary, for although there is Colorism in favor of light skinned women in the Black community, long, loose, non-textured hair reigns supreme. The strife this causes among Black has little weight compared to the other side of the spectrum. For although a Black woman may find herself abandoned with her children, she’s not going to gather a posse and lynch him! For the longest time, there has been a dichotomy of phobia and fetishism regarding Black men, especially the rumors of penis size. Therefore, when the two fetishes were more or less free to fulfill there desires the result for many cases was awkward and unlawful.

Sex is in part an act of conquest
and when finally given a chance, there were Black men who conquered all they could! They took on every adventurous non-Black female availble, often marrying them. Why not? Marrying outside of one’s race, especially a White person is upward mobility. Mister no longer has to beat Celie for not being Shug. Now, he can bypass the honey colored Shug and marry the French girls on the post cards he hoards in cookie tins. However, on the White woman’s side, being at the top (or the Center), the only way to go is down. Is her curiosity worth losing her place at the center? Being dragged to margins must’ve ran through the minds of many a White woman after climaxing with her dark partner. The surge of emotion caused by the realization of lost power made many scream rape.


Cosby’s use of quaaludes to loosen the nerves of his partners should never of have been used. It’s equivalent of taking advantage of a woman who is drunk and there are rules against that. Yes, it’s physically frustrating to be blue-balled by a partner who reneged on her consent, but rules are rules. Passions must be controlled! Furthermore, as a Black man, there will be very little sympathy for mistakes…..especially repeated mistakes. Tip: keep a tab of black licorice next to the condom in your wallet!
Cosby justifiably campaigned against the errant behavior of Black men who perpetuate pickaninnynegrobeastnegative stereotypes. However, Uncle Ruckus performed the worst one of all. He became the monsterous Black man in pursuit of White women in D.W. Lawrences Birth of Nation. How could he do such a thing knowing how important he was to Black community and kids of every race every where? You’re not allowed to have serious flaws as a public figure, but being in such a position of one of power and power corrupts. Did the powerful Bill Cosby feel that the women he sodomized were to powerless to be heard? A fatal mistake: never underestimate the urge for a White man to protect his fair damsels—especially blondes.

Karma bit Bill Cosby in the ass. The #metoo movement is toppling many former heroes off their pedestals. John K., my beloved Charlie Rose and who know who else will suffer, for although #metoo is a good cause, there is a caustic side of it with certain women among its numbers who are clearly out for blood and are enjoying their catharsis no matter how much the fallen has contributed to society.

hadesPersephoneHowever, our current president is immune to this witch hunt. Harkening back to mythology, Hades only committed one crime to Zeus and Poseidon’s many, many affronts. Zeus makes alliences and lives in atmospheric real estate that is the envy of mortal. Poseidon realm of the sea if a source of food and travel. However, because Hades is the god rarely seen and represents the Suscious which is unkonwn to mankind. Hade, the god whose world is so dark and feared that no woman would come down to live with him, thus the need to steal a bride, that he can not ever be forgiven in the imagination of surface dwellers. Black men seen to be ruled by Mars, but when they’re rich, they’re ruled by Hades.

mappleThorpe_NEARobert Mapplethorpe narrated this dichotomy in a controversial exhibit in 1990 which nearly brought down the National Endowment for the Arts. As a conceptual artist he had done his job for it slugged the Christian Right and the South at such a visceral level they called the exhibit pornography. However, those who know how to recognize the allegory of conceptual art recognized its power and either heralded it with with public funds ( for it told a very public and historical social construct story) or feared the change it would bring and called for the NEA’s demise.

Mapplethorpe_Derrick_Cross_zpsc1999365.jpg~originalThe exhibit was a series of photographs depicting very dark, muscular and statuesque Black men in sexual acts with White men ( including Mapplethorpe himself) and voyueristic nudes. The perfect allegory explaining the Blackamoor in Peterouchka and Shakespeare’s Othello. The Forbidden Fruit is no longer forbidden and hasn’t been since 1968. Rejoice it seems to say, jump in! And to flabby, pie bald White husbands in homogenous communities this narrative was a visceral threat, for under the surface, wives are bought and their continued sexual favors in marriage are either duty or enticed by baubles and credit cards. Whereas the Black man, as poor as he is never seems to have dry spells. Dark is masculine and white is feminine in the Western psyche and Jessie Helms and Pat Buchannan didn’t like their wives craving dark meat.

The NEA was forever impaired after Jessie Helms’s crusade. Funding is no longer granted to individuals, leaving artists to incorporate as a brand to finance their projects. We have to be leaders when we don’t want to be. Or worse search for individual endowments, thus exposing themselves to scams and giving their valuable information to marketing firms.

mappleThorpeThe positive thing to come out of Mapplethrope exhibit is that Black man were not scary to the Center anymore. An unknown white actress stuck her neck out and opening admired Michael Jordan in Space Jam buy saying, “He’s so good looking”. That’s quite a reversal from Sixteen Candles principle characters exclaiming “A BLACK GUY-Y” “No, a pink one!” eleven years before. White women and Black men are free to beeline toward each other, producing lovely children and an ever loving society. Thanks in part to Mappelthorpe and not soon enough for Bill Cosby, there is no reason for socially conscious White woman to fear losing power for sleeping with or marry a Black man and Black men are free to procreate their genes.


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