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Jasian Genetic Part One: Space Jam and Heavy Metal Magazine

I am researching styles and ideas for the Mikka’s industrial design compound, Jasian Genetic. Jasian Genetic has always been in the same neighborhood as Decepticon Headquarters in the Bermuda Triangle and built from all of the materials from lost air and naval craft that has drifted into its depth over the years. The result is a found art under sea sculpture garden if you will, with a space port, Greek theater, and IDS shipyard and design complex under sea marked by an aircraft carrier on the surface. This is gong to be quite a feat to pull off but I feel more than up to it. The illustrations will for my upcoming novel, The Pantheist which will have the Lord of the Rings and art monograph format. I’m excited.

Enjoy the pics and feel free to use them for reference in your own work. Just be nice and give me a mention if you do 🙂
-Kittens and Unicorns
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Dan McQ from Space Jam

Artist unknown, Space Jam (may be a reference source piece)

Heavy Metal Magazine c.1996 below

Shots of a space platform erector set.

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