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Surf Stories

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oaty23 (4:45:03 PM): hey
soleilsmile (4:45:39 PM): Haloo
soleilsmile (4:45:49 PM): How are you?
oaty23 (4:47:22 PM): ah great
oaty23 (4:47:31 PM): just been getting stuff done
oaty23 (4:47:51 PM): how about your self
soleilsmile (4:48:38 PM): Temping again and getting a lot of admin done for my comic
soleilsmile (4:48:48 PM): There are loose ends to tie up
soleilsmile (4:49:03 PM): Hard to do this just sitting at home
soleilsmile (4:49:08 PM): I wonder why that is
soleilsmile (4:49:19 PM): anyhoo.. DIdja surf today?
oaty23 (4:49:52 PM): no surf is gone
soleilsmile (4:50:00 PM): Aw
oaty23 (4:50:05 PM): i have a good surf story for you if youi are interested
soleilsmile (4:50:09 PM): you’ll have go chase a hurricane
soleilsmile (4:50:14 PM): Sure!
oaty23 (4:50:17 PM): i know!
oaty23 (4:50:31 PM): well surf has been great for the past week
soleilsmile (4:50:38 PM): Uh huh
oaty23 (4:50:43 PM): sometimes 8 foot faces
soleilsmile (4:50:51 PM): ^_^
oaty23 (4:50:55 PM): and i have been having a lotta fun with my new board
oaty23 (4:51:13 PM): but as the week whent by the surf started going down
oaty23 (4:51:40 PM): i whent out early the day before yesterday realy prety small,,
oaty23 (4:51:48 PM): we where just all waiting around
oaty23 (4:52:12 PM): so i got tired and started to take a little nap on my board
soleilsmile (4:52:17 PM): LOL
soleilsmile (4:52:30 PM): I didn’t know you could do that!
oaty23 (4:52:40 PM): then notices a big orange booie way out in the water
oaty23 (4:52:54 PM): so i decided to paddel out to it
oaty23 (4:53:45 PM): I started to paddel out and at first the rest of the surfers must have thought I saw somthing coming in but then after awile I was much to far out to catch any thing
oaty23 (4:54:22 PM): on my way out i noticed that the swell comming in was bigger then I thought it would be this far out in the ocean
soleilsmile (4:54:55 PM): go on
soleilsmile (4:55:00 PM): this is great!
oaty23 (4:55:01 PM): as i aproched the booie i noticed another surfer way out there padeling parrale along the coast
oaty23 (4:56:08 PM): and as I got to the booie he paddled by me and off into the fog,, he didnt realy say much ,, he must have thought I was invading his mid ocean privacy
oaty23 (4:56:48 PM): My arms where tired so i sat by the booie for a minunt looking down in to the dark green water
oaty23 (4:56:58 PM): then I turned around and paddles in
oaty23 (4:58:10 PM): nothing was hapaning back where the surfers where untill I got there and as if I brought them in a big wave picked up and I surfed it all the way back to the shore as if I had planned it that way all along,
soleilsmile (4:58:29 PM): HEhe!
oaty23 (4:59:00 PM): I surfed it all the way to the sand , actuly a prety long ride and got out and walked back to my car
soleilsmile (4:59:16 PM): I may use part of your story when I depict how Giermo encountered “Blanca” Mikka’s trained great white shark
oaty23 (4:59:40 PM): I am sure the rest of the surfers saw the whole thing as there was nothing elce going on in the water
soleilsmile (4:59:50 PM): Heheh
soleilsmile (4:59:55 PM): that’s my frog
oaty23 (5:00:09 PM): yeah I have some surfing voodoo to call the waves
oaty23 (5:00:25 PM): if i Lie on my board in a sertain way the waves come
oaty23 (5:00:42 PM): if a hilicopter flyes over head the waves come
oaty23 (5:00:54 PM): if i pee in my suit the waves come
soleilsmile (5:01:01 PM): ew! LOL
oaty23 (5:01:23 PM): i found a new secluded surf spot, its called ell segundo
soleilsmile (5:01:27 PM): You may as establish a “surfing Buddha”
oaty23 (5:02:06 PM): and there is rock jettie that sticks prety far out into the ocean hat creats good surf
oaty23 (5:02:41 PM): well the pelicans fly around this jetty surfing the air curents on incomming waves as they jorny down the coast
soleilsmile (5:03:13 PM): Do the dolphins swim with you?
oaty23 (5:03:19 PM): and if youi lie on your board not looking at them they will glide inches over your head
soleilsmile (5:03:35 PM): ^_^
oaty23 (5:03:42 PM): but if you sit up they will break formation and clime up into the air
oaty23 (5:03:58 PM): yeah sure there are always dolphins out there
soleilsmile (5:04:03 PM): aw

Are we (Blacks) the definiton cool?

Exerpt from the CL post below
Black is the definition of COOL…whatever we do is cool. the clothes we wear, the music we listen to, the cars we drive, the alcohol we drink. pretty much, in my opinion we, bar none, are the most culturally influential people in this nation, and anyone that denies that is just not looking hard enough at our society.

Reply to: pers-371082522@craigslist.org
Date: 2007-07-10, 5:03PM PDT

Ok first of all, wtf? everytime i hop onto RnR, all i see is a whole bunch of b.s about blacks being evil, lazy, good for nothing, etc…..so im gonna give some of you racist muthafuckerz a little perspective on what it is like to be black in america.
I agree with alot of things about black americans (as a forwarning: fuck you if you dont agree with me, this is just my perspective on shyt): Some can be lazy, loud, obnoxious, ignorant and unnecessarily arrogant. I don’t think its ok for anyone to live off the state because im paying for their asses. I don’t like the fact that so many black babies are born out of wedlock and often dont have the stable home lives that they deserve. There is too much focus on money and not really on how to get it i.e everybody thinks they r gonna be the next 50 cent and they have no plan of getting to where hes at (even tho i hate 50, just an example that most races will identify with.) black men have no respect for black women. Alot of us are treated like crap at the hands of a man, and it sucks. Some Black women don’t have any respect for themselves, allowing themselves to be portrayed as money grabbin, shallow, horny little skanks who walk around with our asses hangin out our skirts. BUT! on the other hand, i look at black ppl and their potential and i cant help but thank god he made me the colour i am. FYI, Black is the definition of COOL…whatever we do is cool. the clothes we wear, the music we listen to, the cars we drive, the alcohol we drink. pretty much, in my opinion we, bar none, are the most culturally influential people in this nation, and anyone that denies that is just not looking hard enough at our society.
I will say this though…i will never understand why white people don’t like us… muthafuckers if it wasn’t for us, the USA wouldnt be the USA. we built this empire- our slave labour did this. So, if you have a problem with us being here (and for the record ‘get out of our country’ sounds real wack coming from a bunch of thieving raping robbing assholes) look at the land you live in and be thankful. KKK and racists, bigots, any of you…. stop and think rationally. Until white america learns to stop being so fuckin lazy themselves and actually do manual labour in order to sustain their own country i.e making their own garments instead of importing from asia etc immigrants in this country are gonna be around….next time you feel like telling someone to go back to their country, maybe you should say the same things, since your descendants almost certainly came from europe, thus making you an immigrant yourself…

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