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Indira Visits

Some quick renders of Indira in the Jasian home. Indira does not live at Jasai Uchi, instead she lives in the various temples that have been erected for her in southern India.

I love the make up. I can wait to get started on her blend shapes so her subtle yet powerful personality can show through.



I love the kitchen. The warm fuzzy heart of the family. However, my mom and I had a different concept of the kitchen, it’s where food is prepared but we rarely eat with one another. Mom is a horrible dinner guest and I’ve given Mikka that same trait–she criticizes EVERYTHING and uses the opportunity to point out all my faults–and don’t get me started on my Aunt Paula.
The Jasians are the same way. They rarely eat together but, when dad cooks and mom’s not come, everyone enjoys a nice meal outside together. A house can be so much friendlier when menopausal mom is absent.

My computer developed a headache during these last two renders.

Living Room

Be careful where you step, lest you end up in Maloni’s lair!
These are test renders. I’ll post more that feature Sakura and the BG later.

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From The HipClique Gossip Column
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From The HipClique Gossip Column

A Father Should Be…

I’m having a bit of trouble making this room more masculine. Kaisei is my ideal in a father and a father as Bah Nee of Jem fame says:
A Father should be a good man
A father should be wise
A father should be someone with laughter in his eyes.

So Kaisei’s study should be comforting, full of knowledge and have a few happy things in it to cheer up it’s denizen.

I can think of plenty of feminine things to fill the room with, but this is a man. My ideal hubby is a scientist. Kaisei is an engineer and industrial designer. So design and physics books with an interest in art to balance out the left and right brain. There are two people I know who live like this. They are great IDS professors at my grad school. One designed two of the world’s most beloved sports cars and the other is a great painters as well as a brilliant automotive designer. The two of them Tom Matano, Hideki Matsuda plus the great Gerald Pannone (another great teacher) make up Kaisei Jasai. THe world’s most perfect dad.

Here are a few bit of inspiration to aid my search for refined masculinity in interior design.

Kaisei’s Study

Dad gets a sanctuary too. Kaisei is surrounded by beautiful but crazy women in his house and he needs a place in unwind. There is no door to his study, in fact the workspace is just an extension of the living room in way. However, everyone knows to leave him alone and confine their chatter to the kitchen, their own rooms or better yet–outside!

There is something very pretty about occlusion layers.

I’ll post more as the weekend rolls on.


The Library

At Cal Arts, we had a spooky section of the building called the “Sub-Level”. It was an area where the students were allowed to graffiti all over the walls. Being artist graffiti was not just a splash of tags but a myriad of murals of scenes and random figurative expressions and caricatures of our teachers. We still had to take classes down there which made coming to class at night quite a challenge for scaredy cats like me for much if the imagery was downright frightening.
I used the the same idea for “library” in the Jaisian household. The bathroom is in the sub-level along with Maloni’s room, a vast library and the Zoastrian brazier where gaijin gods enter the house for visits. I know what you’re thinking: Goblet of Fire. I thought the same as I looked for Zorastrian braziers on the internet. I thought: so this is where Rowling got it from. She dabbles in comparitive religion just as I do–that’s obvious, one of her characters is named after Pavarti the HIndi goddess of love. Anyhoo, to resolve any future finger pointing, I have found lovely Japanese clay burner-thingie that is a lot more fun to look at and is more suitable for a Japanese house. THe sub-level may be Maloni’s realm and Maloni does represent Western-Asia and the Indian sub-continent, but I must hold the Cordoba Mosque Arches, the Turkish Hamman and the Xerxes library( which influenced Visigoth architecture) with an overall Japanese aesthetic. Kaisei may be subtle but the temple is primarily his home after all.

Dress Form

Being the theatre people that they are, Mikka and Sakura both have dress forms with various costumes draped over them in their rooms. I had a really hard time finding an inspiring dress form until I came across a dvd-box set of “Lipstick Jungle” at the library. The fashion designer of the series came across Coco Chanel’s dress form in a hotel while in Paris. It was a beautiful wooden dress form that was ADJUSTABLE. Perhaps it was couture dress form? From the look of the thing it looked like it could dress Audrey Hepburn one minute and Anita Eckberg the next. I’m sharing the fun pics to inspire anyone else would might need reference. Enjoy!

^_^ I can totally imagine Sakura using her father as a fit model like this.

Mikka’s Room

I always loved how Scarlett O’Hara had her own room in Gone With the Wind. Rhett can break down the door, but in the interim of midnight monster visits, Scarlett had a nice place to collect her thoughts and put some aside to “worry about tomorrow”.
I gave Mikka and Aki the same privilege. The house bathrooms may be all the way down in the sub-level but at least there rooms are spacious place to tinker. Mikka’s room has the look of an antique shop. She is nearly 300 years old, so of course she’s collected a lot of antiquities over the years. Here are the results and inspiration thus far.

An Ikea postcard provides endless lighting inspiration. More to come of that matter later.

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