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Felt-tip Faerie

The Great Conversation

I’ve recently renamed by blog, for I recently found out that Felt Tip Faerie is a derisive term for a Gay person who works in the visual arts. I am a bit disappointed in my college professor who mentioned the term in the context of how industrial designers are regarded in the U.K. I thought it meant fantasy artist, which is perfect for my fantasy comic, however, the truth reared it’s ugly head hence the need for a name change.
I am not certain of the new title. The Great Conversation is in reference to philosophy which I do share a lot of on this blog. However, it might be tad pretentious. I’m sure something else more appropriate will come to me, but until then, this title will do. I simply do not like offending people, so the Felt-tip Faerie, as charming as the name sounds, is not the proper title of a progressive minded web blog.

Until a proper name is found,

Soleil Smile


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