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Calendar Tarot 2017

It’s been a rough year so far. It came in with a bang of prosperity to job loss at the midpoint. The rest of the year doesn’t look good. So… to remind myself that I have quite the battle ahead, I painted my own tarot to brace myself for the coming months.

2017: Year of Challenges and Changes

January: Three of Chalices. Everything is hunky dory. I work with a great group of friends.


February: The Devil I should not have took out a credit account for my tv….a safe always falls out of the sky and land on my head when I use credit instead of cash.

March: Queen of Swords (reversed) Ok, I opened up a can of whoop-ass on someone (probably David). I don’t remember what for…

April: Seven of Swords (reversed). What hit me? Which one of y’all hit me? Come ‘ere! We were only paid one paycheck this month.

May: Ten of Chalices (reversed) Job Loss: the buying partner won’t may overhead during merger. No paychecks. We were a great crew. We loved puzzles and most of all afternoon tea and discourses.









June: The Magician (reversed) I’ve had to be sketchily clever this month. Thanks, Mom.


July: Three of Swords (reversed) I am very scared.

August: Seven of Swords Now what am I going to try to get away with? I’d better make sure I don’t inadvertently make away with someone else’s golden ticket.








September: Ace of Wands. Hopefully a new job doing something new and more profitable.








October: Ten of Pentacles (reversed). I’m going to lose someone and an inheritance. This month is gonna suck.









November: Four of Chalices. Breathe. Just Breathe. Jinkies what an ordeal.








December: The World. What ever happens this year, all will be completed. I’d better make damn sure my second graphic novel has been completed and released during all of the involuntary time off!


The Year: Eight of Pentacles:

New Enterprise or skillset even if its at the apprentice stage. Well, I hope I become a junior producer after this right of passage. SHEESH!


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