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Clara the Herald

Clara Oswald is a Dr. Who companion who is getting a bit of flack from Whovians. They claim that the series fell flat once she was formerly introduced as a companion. Furthermore, she ushers the end of the Eleventh Doctor’s reign.
Now this is partly true. but it’s not due to a flaw in writing -not yet-. Matt Smith is a transition Doctor in addition to a introductory Doctor for a new generation, who earned a new purpose at the end of his reign. The Ancient Creature, the Lonely God is no longer homeless and he shall travel to Gallifrey with Clara-not the Tardis as his herald. Why do you think the Tardis dislikes Clara so much?

There have been Easter Eggs in the foreshadowing of the Tenth and Eleventh’s reigns. The Tenth’s theme, The Lonely God, is about relationship for he laments that his companions leave ( as they should) forget him, but ultimately break his heart. The Eleventh, The Ancient Creature, actually encounters a manifestation of the Tardis as a beautiful woman( story intended for the 10th) who complains about how he drags home strays. The Tardis is annoyed at this point, but The Doctor’s Wife does not feel threatened until Clara, the Impossible Girl steps inside the control room. Nothing is superfluous in story—or at least it is’t meant to be for all element are essential for advancing the plot.

Now that the Doctor has a new herald, it will be interesting to see if the Tardis becomes a Shape-Shifter that develops into a Shadow as he embarks in his journey home and possible the end of his adventures. For the first time, the Tardis won’t want what the Doctor wants. After all, she stole herself a Time Lord to explore the Universe. The last thing she wants is to return to being a museum piece. Remember, it was the Tardis who occupied the room in the Hotel of Fates in the God Complex.

It will be interesting to see how Moffet’s story pans out if my speculations are true. In the meantime, I’m going to continue to enjoy Clara as my first and favorite companion. No, Whovians; there is no need for sexual tensions or father-daughter relationships when the Herald guides the protagonist.

Clara: lucidity, clear, bright…she’ll lead the way!

Fish Fingers and Custard,

Ashanti of HipChick Comics

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