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I’ve been feeling spacey and distant for the past three months now, and I think something is telling me that my 40’s are coming. This is usually an age where women wax introspective and get to know their minds before they lose them to strokes at 50 (so comically noted) and also deepen their faith.

I was raised Christian through early childhood, a Buddhist through my adolescence, but nowadays I see myself as a Pantheist. So much so that I completed a free write of a novel about it. I do believe the archetypes of the gods and goddesses exist and the religions the existed before them. Humans have interpreted the world in different ways throughout the ages, each interpretation being an improvement on the other in terms of rectifying faults, but I think some of the old ways continue to be relevant.

More on this later. My mind is too scattered to complete this blog entry further.



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