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Should there be a term to distinguish Blacks who are hard working, responsible, law abiding citizens from the errant, delinquent, dependent Blacks? I suggest this for as of right now, people still associate Black with poverty and our statesman have no idea what to call the Black working, middle class and above.
Gingrich made a speech earlier this year stating that a disproportionate percentage of the Black community couldn’t be bothered to wake up for work at a decent hour. He also mentioned that the school aged children of this demographic should serve as janitors in their own schools. I do not find the character building task of an after school job offensive. However, I am certain the suggestion of janitor has dredged up the era of Jim Crow oral history flashbacks where being a janitor was the one of the few jobs a Black person was relegated to holding. Would it have been such a stretch for this skilled speaker to say: After school job? Surely, he would’ve won more support if he had.
Disproportionate amount. Nigger. Chitlin’ Crowd. There have many derogatory names to describe the Black “underclass” or dependent class. I came up with the last one myself. Gingrich’s tone sparked considerable backlash from many Blacks who have dug themselves out of the ghetto and are now successful people. One young Black man who tells of how his single mother raised he and his sister to be responsible adults, same as my mom with me and my friends by their wage earning single mom’s. Unfortunately, Gingrich neglects to notice such successes in political forums. Don’t our statesmen realize how much they are hurting people? Don’t they know how easy it is to fall into despair from the harsh rhetoric which discourages the diamonds in the rough in the inner-city who are striving not to become statistics who are only 3 punches away from their 400 blows from giving up and sinking into a robbing, thieving drug pushing state of Hell? People do drugs to lift their spirits. It takes a considerable amount of meth and cocaine to stay upbeat when you hate your life and the wing-nut politicians aren’t helping. Drug use not just a urban or rural habit either. Most drug users I’ve encountered have been wealthy White housewives to who feel that their lives are pointless past 40 years of age. Still, if you’re strong enough, you can use your haters to fuel you ambitions just to prove them wrong. That’s what my hero, W.E.B. Du Bois would’ve done.
So what should we call ourselves? I would love it if we could keep the name Black and let the dependent class call themselves something else, but the world that is stuck in perception of the Black monolith won’t see it that way. Besides, thugs already fiercely claimed the title and accuse all Blacks who embrace education of “acting White”. We’re not acting anything, we’re merely following the traditional path to leading an independent adult life. The practice of calling and educated Black person White has gotten so out of hand, that a number of us, including myself when I was young and stupid, claim “other” on our college applications. That also may have contributed to the lopsided statistic of Black achievement. Black Shame is real and rampant. The average Craig’s List Rant and Raver observes that 90% of Blacks are destitute criminals. I beg to differ. Growing up in Oakland, I rarely encountered that criminal demographic, but that was 20 years ago. Furthermore, it is possible that I live in a working class bubble.
For Blacks like me who live in that bubble, life is a trial of working twice as hard to prove yourself equal. Compensating for the crimes of all too visible Blacks underclass who always seem to be around to perform sloth and crimes before the media cameras while the admirable citizens of Black neighborhoods are away at work. Why do the reprobates get to wear the banner of Black? I am no longer an impressionable teen filling out a college application. I am past my Saturn Return now with a masters and I insist on reclaiming my heritage! I would really like to know what the Asian community did to suppress their dependent class? Blacks marched and suffered hoses, angry dogs and and assassinations of our leaders for civil rights and every other minority took advantage and reaped the benefits. Only an insignificant percentage like myself bothered to embrace PBS’ diversity programming and use it to advance in school and in life. Face it, there aren’t enough Black geeks. Everyone knows geeks are rich in the light of being social pariahs. However, few seem to appreciate the adult geek in the Black World. We are called “oreos”, Black on the outside, White on the inside. Like all nerds, we are isolated and bullied in high school, but we suffer a different kind of bullying. Instead of banishment to our Dungeons and Dragons enclave, we are coerced into being the cool kids, in the vein of either you are with us or against us. To have an different world view is treason and punishable, by injury and sometimes death. I’m not exaggerating. Every attempt is made to rip us from our sanctuaries and into the streets. White cool kids wise-up and go to Harvard. Black “cool kids” are on a road to no where in an aimless adolescence that lasts for 30 years or more mired in its fantasies of riches by chance.
How can Blacks leave their blighted behind in the Ozark’s? How do we sweep them under a rug in some remote village in Asia? African-Americans, which African immigrants want no association with, have to live with our miscreants right in our faces. NIMBY is not an option. There’s no hiding them. Liberals of all colors and the government have done all they could. It’s our responsibility to correct this problem from within and take all of the insults and accusations of being inwardly racist, megalomaniacs, eugenists and reduce the mentality if victimization and dependency. The Blacks of W.E.B. Du Bois need to be brave and brave the abuse. Surely, we’re going to look into the mirror and not like what we see on many unnerving occasions, but it has to be done. It’s time Blacks faced their bad karma, the karma started centuries ago when West African kings choose to sell their undesirable subjects instead of reforming them. Every culture went through this. The Irish rose when Irish women married Germans and men of other nationalities when the husbands of their impoverished Irish mother’s refuse to bring home their paychecks in favor of the pubs. Asian families pool their monies to support (read: obscure) the low performers of their families. What should Blacks do? We’re desperate and I am especially sick of apologizing for LA gang members, Oakland welfare queens and militant Harlem Afro-centrists. Help up, PLEASE! Any advice is welcome.



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