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Snoop as Tabby?

I find the Snoop Pearson character of The Wire frighteningly fascinating. A from of mine told of the excellent writing of this series and after some apprehension I finally checked out the 5th and last season by chance from the library. The first episode was so gory and I hated Snoop and Chris from the get go. I was happy to see that Snoop was killed toward the end of the season. However, when I checked out the 4th season to check out the theme of the school system ( always a great concern to me) I found myself drawn to her.

I know….but let’s open our minds.

There is something about this character and the actress. Killer of no, she is incredibly charismatic. So is the devil. Yet, one must separate the actress from the character. Gbenge is nothing like his character Chris Paltrow. He’s an adorable family man from Nigeria. Furthermore, Chris is not a blood thirsty killer. He simply does a job and most of the time, kills humanely like a military soldier would. The military of where Chris belongs, but we all know that working the drug trade is far more profitable.

Back to Snoop.

If I could get a vocal director like Andrea Romano to train Ms. Pearson in diction and smooth out accent a pinch, she would be an appealing voice for Tabby. Tabby is supposed to have a husky voice with a “hella” Oakland dialect. However, Tabby is so charismatic that she easily code switches between worlds. Those worlds being the inner-city streets to punk-mod suburbanite. She’s a universal girl.

Well, it just a thought. My show is not yet green lit, so there is time to search other options. When I made this decision, I felt that I was in Nami mode. The business woman who tells the art rock quartet, Klashkatse that they need a “Paul” to balance their “John” to appeal to the masses and nothing appeals to the masses today like hip hop culture. I thought of Tabby as being heterogenetic Black like myself, but perhaps a mode/code switcher would be easier for the general audience to comprehend. It would also give White America some insight of how marginalized cultures live in a liminal state for soul and survival.


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