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Ode to the Kink

Ode to the Kink

My hair, my hair.
My waving extension of my waving brain.
Evidence of my survival, my adaptability.
My evolution, my heritage
I was born with a head cushion
I was born with a crown,
Proof of my royalness!

My highness. my most royal nappiness
May naps tapping cosmic wisdom into my inner coils!
Antennae to the macrocosmic
The primeval kink.
The genesis frizz

Proclaiming for all to see my birthright.
A child of the Sun!

My hair grows to the sun, my radiates like the sun.
Reception of sunlight
See how the highlights, the sunbeams
Dance among the circumventing pathways to grown chakra



The wave of the common denomination all energy, matter, Creation.
The Kink wave to the inch still here after 400 years
Of oppression, and pressing, defying wood, plastic, metal, gravity, water, technology, heat, curlers, permanents, straighteners, de-frizzers, grease and even Death.

Oh, Kink.
You just grow back, come back, and go back.
You are the real permanent!
Why they call you bad?
You’ bad alright!
They will dig me up in 5,000 years a
And you will still be there.


Reminding me of who the ancients were.
But more than that, I love you kink because
I love Me.

I grew you, my crop, my crown.
So, reach on up to the heavens
Ferrying over the waves
My prayers thank you to the Gods
And their messages down to me.

-Meroe 1979


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