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Two Black girlfriends of mine have recently wed. For one of my oldest friends, it happened so fast, that I can hardly believe it! In speculation that they are marrying admirable men, I happy to say that there is hope for African-American women. I am glad. However, the news has prompted a different goddess to dominate my psyche. In fact it came upon my birthday. I turned 39 August 8th and I experienced and overwhelming sense of confidence in myself. As though I do not have to dodge eugenicists anymore and I can socially go after what I want and take on the competition.

“It’s your turn.”

Hera is prodding my defiantly independent brain. I would like to think it is Athena for this goddess is enticing me with home stability to sweeten the deal. It may be Hestia who know I long for a home of my own and always have, but it is Hera who urges me to compromise on my ideals and co-habitate with a suitable mate. From an economic standpoint, this world seems to be built for two. Housing surely is if you want to live in the same city or STATE where you work. California and New York aren’t the only hot spots. Israel’s real estate is so expensive that most of it’s residents can not afford to live there, hence the settlements in the West Bank. How can a loaned owner be so greedy that he/she’ll will gauge the price on his property at the expense of peace for his country? Madness. People will have to revert to the old way of marriage where romance is optional and job of the spouse is mandate. Clean, bear children and provide sex. What a miserable existence. It can’t be much fun for the man either.

A husband would never know if his wife is giving her best performance or not as he labors over her. Sex can be beautiful, but most men learn their techniques from porn so what can be a beautiful dance turns out to be the ugliest acts of noise and violence colloquially referred to as the horizontal mambo. Many women refuse to give in these 11:30 pm labors that is supposed to last for just an indemnified 8 minutes, but is prolonged for all night service. Save it till the morning after, my ass. Choosing a life-mate sexual partner is kinesthetic affair, but in this patriarchal society, a girl is considered unworthy of marriage if she kisses too many frogs. What would Hera, the goddess of marriage say to that? She got lucky for Zeus was already an excellent lover. The three year honeymoon attests for that. However, what about women who are stuck with her clumsy son Hephaestus? Aphrodite was right to cuckold him. The goddess of love’s choice reflects the attitude of many women, have a nice guy for husband and take an alpha male for a lover. I for one would let my husband do the same. I would be a happy Hestia to a Hermes hubby so long as the man is brilliant and does not bring his lovers home or their diseases. Infection is very real. Just think of poor Ofra Haza who was infected by her philandering HIV+ husband šŸ˜¦

May you continue to rest in peace incredible chanteuse.

Hera may be possessing my psyche as of late, but if I do choose to put myself out there to attract a husband, I don’t want the marriage of her design. I prefer Aphrodite’s union for aforementioned reasons. I am in no way attracted to Ares archetypes, but I would love an Apollo or Hermes for a husband. Apollo is admirable and resourceful, yet cold. That’s alright, I prefer to sit in my workspace for hours on end drawing anyway. Hermes would provide welcome entertainment upon return from his travels, but since he is a trickster prone to dishonest means to meet ends, how he makes a living would be always be in question, which would drive me to distraction. In the monkey’s paw of fate, I may end up with a clever traveler who is a drug dealer in disguise. I would like to look on the bright side, but as a Black woman who has enough working against her from marginalization, that last thing i need to be a gangster’s moll…or the wife of the Ponzi scheme guy.

So, Hera and I suspect, Athena. What do you have in store for me? Should I marry to avoid having to live with my mother for the rest of my life? If so, will you help me find a man who won’t force me to have children and dominate me? Will I find an ideal match in a Dr. Quest who will admire my choice a mother of art and make love like a ballet dancer? I would love it of you sent Bill Nye the Science Guy my way, but I believe he is taken. Roberto Bolle is gay and will surely marry another man with his nifty New Yorker citizenship.

Well, as I dream, I will work on crunching my sugar tummy fat into nothingness and opening my mind. I still want a certain guidelines met. I can still afford to be picky. Judging from the last potential employer who interviewed me, my boobs can still attract the type of man I want, if not for the ring, than the night. However, I will call on my inner Hera to help me turn lust into matrimony.


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