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A Different Genus of Black

A pre-GRE corrected freewrite.

KlashkaTse is a fun comic about artists in the music industry, but the story wouldn’t be a HipChick Comic if it didn’t have a social science subtext. Since I am Black and I am being pressured by nagging forces to write about my own people instead of the White and Asian groups that dominate my lifestyle, Klashatse will feature the Black Experience. Yet, a different Black Experience.

I will be telling the story of the Blacks who are the intended product of Brown vs. the Board of Education and Pell Grants. We are more universal in our interests, but are seen as “uppity” by rigid Afrocentrists. In the context of this essay, the term Afrocentrist will be used to describe a group of African-Americans who prefer to insulate themselves from influences outside the Black community. They’re preservationists, yes, but many of them are also racist. They are extremely vocal and posses the fervor of Malcolm X at the height of the Civil Rights Movement and  pre-Mecca enlightenment. When it comes to causes, it takes all kinds, but the rhetoric of this group frightens me. I also think they’re setting us back. That’s just my opinion.

I am more of a follower of W.E.B. Du Bois. I have a different interpretation of the Talented Tenth than that of the Afrocentrist though. I follow Du Bois’ advice that if the marginalized wishes to be respected by the ruling class, they must work twice as hard as they do. This doesn’t mean marginalized groups should kill themselves rolling over and wagging their tails for approval, but they should embrace education and humility ( for lack of a better word) until the negative stereotypes against their subsides. This is has worked for the Jews and the Asian communities which took advantage of the rights, Blacks worked so hard for and they excelled. What happened to the mass positive change that was supposed transform the Black community? It never came. At least not in not the great wave that was expected.

Sloth and Excessive Merriment

– An incomplete Wikipedia passage of an account of an Arab merchant’s assessment of Bantu( Black) Africans. The statement has been omitted from the article, which is regrettable for I find it’s always useful to know what you’re enemies are thinking.

Tabby, Soleil Smile and the rest of the Black members of the Berkeley Clique are in a constant struggle to distinguish themselves from the rowdy kids in the monstrously large high school down the road. Shop keepers limit the number of students who enter their stores, making the acquisition of lunch a nightmare and naturally the Berkeley Clique does not want to get looped into a crowd with a bad reputation. What respectful group of kids would? When you live in the inner-city, you are always vulnerable. You’re not vulnerable to crimes as much as the media’s hype of it. The attack comes from the suburban ruling class’ judgment of you.

Another challenge in the Berkeley Clique are The Dozens. They’re the murder of crows who make homeroom hell by badgering, the Berkeley Clique with insults. The reason for this is boredom induced by the neglectful teacher, and the usual high school bullshit rivalry between cliques. The “Huxtables”( the girls who have money for expensive clothes) are never harangued, but the punk, goth, geek, mod amalgamation that is the Berkeley Clique is never left in peace. Unless the mighty Soleil Smile throws a chair across the room scattering the crows.

No. I do not apologize using the pejorative term “crow” to describe the Dozens. So long as the term is used correctly and within the culture, it is not considered racist. The Black production, The Wiz used it in 1979 approprately so, illustrate the crows who chastised the Scarecrow from reading and seeking the brain he believes he does not have.  A crow is a ne’er do well who discourages those around him from advancing in life. A good example in reality is the tendency for the group of Blacks who accuse the bookish intellectuals in the community of “acting White” for embracing education and having career goals outside of sports and music. A parallel to such behavior are the jocks vs. the geeks in general American culture, but with higher stakes. For the bullying of intellectuals in the African-American community hinders the advancement of the entire race, not just a clique in high school . Another branch of the Afrocentric group are the people who were actually alive during the civil rights movement and still think world has not changed since the Jim Crow era. Old habits die hard and the relics are paranoid. I should know, I live with one. As open as my mom is most of the time, there is still a knee jerk reaction to any injustice against the underdog that will trigger my mother to knock a subject out of its context and land it into a civil injustice discussion. I had a roommate who is even worse and I don’t want to go into my dad’s radical mind. The latter two people liked White people as individuals, but loathed them as a whole. Now how is this attitude supposed to create a congenial world? People like my father and my old head roommate frown upon inclusion and Blacks who have a multicultural work view. Their quest for preservation leads to xenophobia, which is not only lonely, but stifles creativity and trade. Social isolation leads to economic isolation and Black Supremacists don’t see the short sightedness of their philosophy of self-containment. The recent cause that ignites their fervor is the quest to find proof of Bantu African influence and rule in ancient Egypt.
Yes, I agree that Blacks were in ancient Egypt, presumably in the south known as Upper Egypt (by way of the flow of the Nile river) but the homogenous culture eventually lead to a decline. Although the Blacks of Upper Egypt ( or the darker skinned peoples of North East African decent if you would prefer) fell out of power, Egypt herself rose to greatness for every culture imaginable passed through the land enriching it with trade and knowledge. Hyksos, Greek, Roman, Arab and Germanic ( including the French who are historically Germanic: Franks) have all colonized Egypt at some time. One day, before I turn 45, I simply must go there and find out what happened to the Blacks who existed before the Pharaohs and what is the connection between the Horn of Africa and the Sahel empire in the West where Ashanti’s and Yorubans rule. I also want to know, what war, environmental condition or cultural practice occurred that encouraged the West Africans to sell their own people and neighbors into slavery? Could slavery have been a sort of penal system like proscriptions in ancient Rome? Could be, and I intend to find out.

Returning with the elixir.

The Multi-culti congenials, Blacks like Tabby, Soleil and Ken are on a Heroe’s Journey. They are the one’s who will venture out into the world and return to their home communities with the elixir, hence opening the world for a new generation of color-blind Blacks who will devour the spoils. They will continue the practice which which with luck will grow exponentially with each generation. That is, if they are not stopped or killed for their ideals. Yes, Blacks as whole should show solidarity toward a unified cause for advancement for all. However, I think it’s time to do some housecleaning as we move on to the next step which isn’t clearly defined. Drawing pride from our pre-colonial history may be just vehicle to unite us toward a new cause that will heal our insecurities and fragmented society. I suggest we take an idea from the Chinese-American community in regards to preservation of ethic history. There should be a community sponsored after school program that solidifies ethnic identity with a African based curriculum. The Chinese-Americans have had “Chinese School” for years according to Maxine Hong Kingston. An African companion to the public school Western curriculum will keep resentful Black students riveted to their seats with interest. Not only would this be a godsend to working parents grounded under the No Child Left Behind latchkey restriction, but it will offset the drop out rate among that dangerous year of 10th grade boredom, where the Dozens and the drop outs are in full swing. Teaching critical thinking is what the Peace Corps color-blind can bring to the table of the Black community thus proving to Afrocentrists that their methods are just viable, and the knowledge shared, invaluable.  The result will ultimately shatter the right-wing extremist view of the subversive Black kennet and the words of the few haters that remain will hold little weight. No one can make you feel like shit by calling you a monkey when you know your history and it’s position contributions to civilization.

Seriousness over. Back to the fun.

Anyhoo, that’s all for the heated topics. However, it is important to know underlying theme of series. The subplot. Now let’s move on to music, music reference and scrumptious design reference for incidental characters. There will be a lot more men in the Klashketse series and I intend to dig up some beauties, so stay tuned Heh, I almost feel young and optimistic again…almost.

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