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I just read a great book that stated that punk was partially inspired by Dr. Frankenfurter from the Rocky Horror Picture Show. How I loved him.

I was a punk/mod from the 8th grade to 12th before I moved on to a Bohemian look. I also wear men’s clothes too. It all depends on what available in my size season to season. Being Black and the product of fortified labor slaves, I am 20% larger than the fashion industry’s mid-Atlantic target market . I wear a size 12 shoe and I have the shoulders of a line backer. Another problem, like most African-American women, I have short hair that cant grow longer than a foot and a half.
When it’s curly its only 6 inches long. Of course, there are straighteners, but relaxers fry hair to nothingness after a while and then Black hair is only 6 inches-straight. So, going punk was the perfect fashion direction for me as a kid. Hair didn’t have to be 2 feet long like a princess and the higher it towered above the head, the better. Gravitating towards the sun is what Black hair does best. I also bleached it as I got older.
Tri-Hawk anyone?

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