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Karl Urban” Rugged Pretty Boy

Karl caught my eye as Julius Caesar in Xena Warrior Princess. It’s a role that he noticeably leaves off of his resume. It’s disturbing to me, however, I feel that it was an invaluable career move. It has wiped his television adventure show slate clean and propelled him into the world of big budget epic film.
Karl is best known as Eomyr in Lord of the Rings. His sword play in the battle scenes so impressed producers, that someone at Fox cast him as the lead of another epic:
The Pathfinder.

The film bombed at the box office, but I was happy to see Karl beauty on the big screen. Those piercing eyes and determine tapered brows are prime Superficial* pretty material. I always wanted to make a character out of him, and since Karl is German ( who was very convincing as Italian as Caesar) I think he may be a good Norse God. He’s too young to be Odin ( however tempting).Baldr died and Thor is overdone. Ullr the god of archery and snow. That may be good for Karl and he can be friends with Nami who’s the Shinto goddess of Winter. He will be a good counter for Loki who has a big invasive, monster crush on the reluctant Sakura.

Enjoy the pics while I ponder…

There’s also another argument regarding films that depict Native American films yet do not use Native American actors. I’m too ignorant to tell. Perhaps my Native American friends can determine the heritage of these actor for me?

Here’s the story of Ullr:

from Wikipedia

In early Germanic paganism, *Wulþuz (“glory”; Old Norse Ullr) appears to have been a major god, or an epithet of an important god, in prehistoric times. The term wolþu- “glory”, possibly in reference to the god, is attested on the 3rd century Thorsberg chape (as owlþu-), but medieval Icelandic sources have only sparse material on Old Norse Ullr.

The Old English cognate wuldor means “glory” but is not used as a proper name, although it figures frequently in kennings for the Christian God such as wuldres cyning “king of glory”, wuldorfæder “glory-father” or wuldor alwealda “glorious all-ruler”.

The medieval Norse word was Latinized as Ollerus. The Modern Icelandic form is Ullr. In the mainland Scandinavian languages the modern form is Ull.

Nowadays Ullr is known as the snow god among modern ski culture.

For more of the article, please visit Wikipedia’s entry on Ullr


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