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Moon Deity Traditional Story from the Americas

Asian and indigenious American mythology share a belief that there is an image of a rabbit on the Moon’s surface. I remember this myth from assembly time in elementary school.
In Aztec mythology, Tecciztecatl (“old moon god”; also Tecuciztecal, Tecuciztecatl) was a lunar deity, representing the old “man-on-the-moon”. He could have been the sun god, but he feared the sun’s fire, so Nanahuatzin became the sun god and Tecciztecatl (in the form of a rabbit) was promptly thrown into the moon. In some depictions he carried a large, white seashell on his back, representing the moon itself; in others he had butterfly wings. He was a son of Tlaloc and Chalchiuhtlicue.

According the version I was told in elementary school, Tecuciztecal walked into the fire in shame after his brother Nanahuatzin, thus was granted the consolation appointment of god of the Moon. To depict his cowardice fearing the fire, an image of a frightened rabbit was etched onto the Moon’s surface.

I may retell this story in a children’s book someday.

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