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Multiple Intelligences

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I’m reposting here in case that site is EVER dismantled. You have no idea how much I cry over all the lost art history and philosophy sites I used for my graduate work.

This stuff is too good to disappear!

I’m a Visual/ Spatial-Naturalistic. Mathematical/Logical fades in and out. Very frustrating!

Multiple Intelligences
More than one type of Intelligence

Verbal/ Linguistic

Well developed language ability. Likes to read, write, and speaks with confidence. Verbal strengths often linked with Interpersonal skills

Thinks logically, enjoys puzzles, patterns and intellectual challenges. Tends to be precise and can be uncomfortable with lack of organisation. Often links with Visual/Spacial abilities

Thinks in images, and pictures. likes to paint and draw, can be a day dreamer. Good at reading maps and charts. Sometimes links with Mathematical/Logical

Likes physical movement, touching and acting out. Finds it difficult to sit still. Enjoys hands-on experiences and sports and are skilled at expressing themselves through movement. Often associated with Musical/Rhythmic

Tuned in to sounds and rhythms in the environment, Enjoys music. Likely to play an instrument. Quickly become bored and will create musical distractions (e.g. hums, whistle, taps). Can link with Bodily Kinesthetic

Likes social interaction, and team participation and capable of interpreting moods and temperaments. Easy to get along with. Links strongly with Verbal/Linguistic

Understanding of internal strengths and weakness. Comfortable with being alone. Strong willed, and self-directed, needs time to think and reflect Can link with any other intelligence.

Skilled at recognising and classifying. Connected with the environment. Notices differences and similarities. Can link with any other intelligence


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