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Math Quest A.V.K.

I’m on a math quest for the G.R.E. I always struggled with math, however I’ve stumbled upon a great math site that features different learning styles for teachers to use called Making Sense of Maths.

Here’s a sample of the site:
Different Learning Styles

Making connections between different learning styles can enhance learning by capitalising on the students’ preferred sensory modes.

I am going to use the A.V.K. model as an example,
but other models such as Multiple Intelligences, Myers Briggs, and Bloom’s and Williams’ taxonomies are also useful, and connections can be made between them.

What is A.V.K.?

This model will be a familiar one to most teachers.
Auditory learners make up around 20% of students, and learn best through listening;
Visual learners (40%) learn best through visual representations, and
Kinesthetic learners (40%) learn best through physically touching and doing.

The students’ preferred modes can be recognised through observation, and may be revealed in their speech, for example, “I hear you”, “Oh, I see now”, and “That feels about right”.

Why is this model important?

Traditional teaching methods have over-catered for auditory learners, with teacher talk the most common form of teaching. Students who have a primary preference for visual or kinesthetic learning may not receive concepts in a form they can understand and use.

With the cummulative nature of the mathematics spiral curriculum, students must be helped to make links between learnings, or more knowledge may not necessarily mean more understanding.

Some students are better able to build upon learning received in a form different from the traditional teacher talk.

I was so inspired by the site that I drew a comic of my favorite math teacher who had a different way of teaching math to artists. His name is Russ Bettencourt. If anyone knows where Russ is, please forward this comic to him:)

Click here for larger image


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