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I Am Not Amused

I picked up a Wonder Woman graphic novel the other day and when I flipped through it, I found a element with a shocking resemblance to my own story in In Between Days.

Now Superficial and Wonder Woman have similar themes of mythological characters intermingling with the modern world. Both stories have the characters homes being in secret places, however, I DO NOT remember Wonder Woman’s mythic island of Themiscyra being guarded by giant sharks like Blanca/Lamia does for the world of the gods in the Bermuda Triangle.
I don’t know if this is a case of all great minds think alike. However, if it isn’t, I would’ve at least appreciated a nod of acknowledgment from writer Gail Simone of DC Comics. I am really hurt! Moreso, I am afraid that when I finally print In Between Days, DC will sue me.
It’s time I registered my work with the government. Some scripts are, but not all. Oh, an what’s more: Wonder Woman brings home a man she plans to marry to mother…and he’s an olive skinned blonde.
Comparing images below.

Wonder Woman Ends of the Earth Part 3 of 4 published in 2008

This issue of my comic was web published in 2007 and featured on Animation Nation


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