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Felt-tip Faerie

Giermo’s Journey: Aphrodite and Echidna’s Children

Aphrodite ( who I modeled after Sophia Loren) tells the Giermo the story of her son Aeneas’ who founded Italy after the fall of Troy. This a supporting story to the “Greeks aren’t blonde therefore she isn’t” lecture she gives him. “Obviously Heroditus had a thing for Gaulic migrants.
See the Dying Gaul (sculpture) ca. 230 BC and 220 BC commioned by Attalos I of Pergamon to celebrate his victory over the Celtic Galatians in Anatolia.

Freya has a habit of slinking into neighboring pantheons and wreaking havoc. Hello, the AEsir-Vanir war! The Meditteranean is where people of all races meet, so of course there is going to be different interpretations of traditional stories like my own. I am a Greek manifestation but much that is Greek is Persian and how many Persians are blonde? Right, so the goddess is you seek is Freya! I’m afraid you’ll see her soon enough in Val Halla or Hella, depending on how well you lived your life!

Giermo is then devoured by the Chimera.
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