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A Girl’s Hair is Her Life

A post on HipChick Comic’s message board ranted about the impotence of Sydney. The poster pretty much asked how would a girl feel if she was the only female in a group of men and unable to have sex with any of them? I responded: Nothing.
This get me thinking about how partial men are to their genitalia. It is something that they can not part with–even if there was no pain involved. I started thinking about how a I would feel if I lost my private parts: Relieved.

No Periods
No Pregnancy
Nothing to worry about on hot sweaty days
I would be able run again
Finally, I would be able to wear all of those adorable sun dresses for flat-chested girls! Not mention the broad range of clothes that available to flat chested women!

As I pondered my Utopian body freedom, I really started to think of what feature as a woman WOULD devastate me if it should be lost, and then I thought of it: MY HAIR

True Confessions A Girl’s Hair is Her Life
–Ranma 1/2

Be it buzzed, short or long or what ever color or texture we girls are partial to our hair. I can’t imagine myself without it! The status of hair is the reason to stay in or duck out of pictures, Hair is the tool for attracting men as a person of beauty not just as sex objects, hair keeps our ears warm in the winter and helps define us as individuals.
So to the angry poster, a more piongant question to ask me would be: Imagine being a girl surrounded by beautiful men without your hair to rank among them as a person of beauty. A girl would be in danger of being seen merely as a “hole” with out it.


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