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Flawed Saints

I just tried out for a children’s book on St. Augustine and after further research, lost respect for the man. Who framed the concept of original sin which points to a woman? ST. AUGUSTINE
The man struggled with lust and had major mother issues. His mother hen pecked him and followed him around all over the HRE and would move in with out a moments notice and the man was a party boy as a youth. The poor women who had to serve him and like so many oversexed assholes I’m sure he demonized any woman who refused his affections.

All venom aside, the Felt Tip reminded me that all exhalted people have flaws and we must try to use their favorable accomplishents outweigh their faults. So, in the spirit of tolerance, I thank St. Augustine for his hand in developing the concept of separating church and state in the 5th century.

Thank you very much, you randy overeducated frat boy.


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