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At Cal Arts, we had a spooky section of the building called the “Sub-Level”. It was an area where the students were allowed to graffiti all over the walls. Being artist graffiti was not just a splash of tags but a myriad of murals of scenes and random figurative expressions and caricatures of our teachers. We still had to take classes down there which made coming to class at night quite a challenge for scaredy cats like me for much if the imagery was downright frightening.
I used the the same idea for “library” in the Jaisian household. The bathroom is in the sub-level along with Maloni’s room, a vast library and the Zoastrian brazier where gaijin gods enter the house for visits. I know what you’re thinking: Goblet of Fire. I thought the same as I looked for Zorastrian braziers on the internet. I thought: so this is where Rowling got it from. She dabbles in comparitive religion just as I do–that’s obvious, one of her characters is named after Pavarti the HIndi goddess of love. Anyhoo, to resolve any future finger pointing, I have found lovely Japanese clay burner-thingie that is a lot more fun to look at and is more suitable for a Japanese house. THe sub-level may be Maloni’s realm and Maloni does represent Western-Asia and the Indian sub-continent, but I must hold the Cordoba Mosque Arches, the Turkish Hamman and the Xerxes library( which influenced Visigoth architecture) with an overall Japanese aesthetic. Kaisei may be subtle but the temple is primarily his home after all.

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