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Therapy for the Home

My mom once called the furniture store, Z Gallerie, “therapy for the home”. As I set dress the rooms of the Jasian house hold, I must think of the different personalities that should be reflected in each room.

Sakura’s room is like a stage, both back stage and on. Lots of costumes and equipment to repair them. Think of your favorite costume pictures: Raise the Red Lantern, Baron Munchausen, and of course the closet from the Devil Wears Prada. Sakura isn’t materialistic. She’s a dancer and it’s just her job to wear costumes.

Nami’s room is 60’s chic. Clean lines and slick surfaces.
Think Z Gallerie, Restoration Hardware and yes, even a bit of Ikea. The furniture may seem cheap but i like a lot of it.

Maloni’s room is a cross between a genie bottle and an artist’s studio

From The HipClique Gossip Column

Mikka’s room is myriad of the ages she has lived through. Kaisei shares the room of course but prefers to exude his taste in his home office.

Kaisei’s study. Classic Japanese. Tansu’s, art and pottery. The God of morning is a minimalist.

These pics are from The Japanese House by Noburu Murata and Alexandra Black.


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