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With the Rich and Mighty, Always Patience

Philadelphia Story

It’s one of my favorite old Hollywood scripts along with Auntie Mame and The Women.

My favorite is Cary Grant’s monologue as CK Dexter Haven. He gives a bit of tough love to a, ex-wife he still loves.


No, Red, not of you. Never of you. Red, you could be the finest woman
on this earth. l’m contemptuous of something inside you
you either can’t help or won’t try to. Your so-called “‘strength”‘…your prejudice against weakness,
your blank intolerance.

-ls that all?

-That’s the gist of it.Because you’ll never be a first-class human being or a first-class woman… until you’ve learned to have
regard for human frailty. lt’s a pity your own foot can’t slip a little sometime… but your sense of inner divinity. This goddess must and shall remain intact. There are more of you than people realize.

A special class of the American female.
“‘The Married Maidens.”‘


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