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Encanted World Series

I scanned a few great illustrations from the Enchanted Realms Series. I found the first book in a used book store recently and I thought some of the illustrations would be nice to share.
Enjoy the pics.

The Haunter of the Birch Forest.
The illustration credits in the book are quite vague, but I think the artist of the Haunter of the Birch forest is the great Arthur Rackham. I used to have an Alice in Wonderland book illustrated by him. I sold it to Moe’s books on Telegraph in Berkeley, CA for anyone interested in buying it.

Wizard of Kiev. I don’t know who the Wizard of Kiev’s illustrator is. If anyone has the answer, please leave a comment:)

I remember the fascinating commercials for these books when I was a kid in early 80’s. There was even this fantastic woman with irrgualarly colores eyes who stated: How can you say there are no such thing as witches when you don’t know what one looks like? It would be great to find the entire series. Just the thought of it inspires me to conduct an extensive internet search.


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