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Ashanti Goddesses

African Fertility Goddess

~ African Goddess Acua’ba is the primal mother to the Ashanti people of Guana.
~ Acua’ba is the symbol of welcome
~ A godess statue or carving is placed above the door of a dwelling
~ Young Maidens receive an Acua’ba wood or clay statue at the age of first menstruation from an elder mentor as a sign of welcoming her into her motherhood role in the tribe.

Photo of a Beautiful African Fertility Goddess- a real pregnant african woman in all her pregnant beauty – what an amazing shot

African Fertility Goddess

~An Ibo of Nigeria goddess of fertility who also rules the Underworld
~ In Ala ‘s womb are said to rest the souls of the dead
~ Her fertility symbol is the crescent moon
~ This ancient fertility goddess is depicted as a seated woman holding a small child in her arms.
~ Ala is the daugther of Chuku


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