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Function: Second Daughter of Mikka and Kaisei Jasai

The most complex complex character in the Superficial Universe. Bi-Polar (depends on season) charistmatic, evil schemer who people love anyway. Nami personality varies in accordance to what goddess she is at the time. As a water goddess in the summer she is quite congenial, yet in the Winter her heart hardens as she becomes the Yukki Onna. As the Yukki Onna she is sonambulant and kills people by night. By morning Nami knows that she has murdered in her nightly travels and struggles with the guilt by day, thus making her distant and callous towards those around her–especially Sakura who she resents. The only person who Nami unconditionally respects is her mother, Mikka. The adoration is so great that Mikka can control Nami to some degree when she is the Yuki Onna which often saves lives. Nami is the most open to humans of all the gods of the world. Therefore she struggles with her personae as a creator/destroyer goddess.

Class: Creator/ Destroyer Goddess and Supernatural being. Yukki Onna The Snow Queen (at night) and Goddess of Winter. Ame no mi Kumari the water goddess (by day and year round.)

Ethnic Background: Russian-Rus Viking and Turkish (mother) Japanese and Indian(father)

Design influences
: Patrick Nagel, Winnowill of Elf Quest, Bianca Dupree of Beverly Hills Teens, Wendy Garbo of Galaxy High, Tank Girl ( Jet Girl)

Celebrity Influences
: Linda Evanglista
Friend Influence: Nami Reyes, April Capil

Transformer: Thundercracker

Nami in the Summer

Nami in the Winter


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