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The Felt Tip Faerie and I had an argument over Giermo’s nose. I thought I satisfied the female fans by Giermo be a nice BIG friendly guy for Nami. However, according to the Faerie, she want the original face back. I have no idea why anyone would concentrate on the details of a guy in a girl’s comic but here goes:
Giemo’s features are very similar to Miguel of the Road to El Dorado here:

Norse Blonde with Mediterranean and Native South American Indian features–esp the nose.
I prefer the thin Persian (often mistaken for Roman) nose the starts at the brow. It’s a more majestic look for a 6’5″ guy. I’m not into big baby face boys. Save the cherub faces for the short impish cute guys like Tahzay.
Another modification I made to Giermo was smaller eyes. I really wanted him to have his mother’s native South American eyes. Most of the women of the comic have very intimating Mediterranean eyes that can stop you in your tracks from across the room. However, for Rio, who is my female answer to Optimus Prime, I wanted a very approachable look. In Rio, the common eyes leave the beholder to appreciate the shape of the face and texture of the hair.
If you ask just about any guy if he had a choice between Mary Ann or Ginger of Gigligan’s Island, he would choose Mary Ann.

Yes, I find that strange too.

The trick is, Mary Ann is approachable and Ginger’s glamorous looks are intimidating. Face it, men are chicken shit around women, ss unless the guy is worth 10 mil, he’s going after Miss Girl Next Door.
Furthermore, I wanted my male readers to relate to Giermo. I wanna catch all those guys who secretly read Sailor Moon and watch the Power Puff Girls. So, to get them, Giermo got a bit of a heroe’s down grade. Imperfect. The average comic geek can’t identify with an amazingly beautiful lead male character. They dismiss the character as looking too much like a girl. So Giermo’s beauty lies in his height and subtly bone structure of his face. His appeal however, is the insecurity that plagues the psyche of all men.


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