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Guy Sizes

In the next two issues of the Giermo series, there will be a lot of guy drawings. So I’m going to post some sketches I’m working on here.

The first drawing features Giermo a bit too big with Nami. He’s a waste of a tall guy in the first pic here. Nami is a very tall girl. She’s 6ft in her bare feet with swimmer shoulders and big feet. There’s a reason she needs the 6’5″ Giermo.

I have also gathered reference for the upcoming issues from various sources–namely the 2008 Olympics.

THANK YOU Micheal Phelps for wearing your swimsuit so low after your team’s victory on Sunday! I now know where the illiac crest is! I’ve had countless life models, but you have the perfect distance beteen rib cage and illia for Giermo. Thank you, thank you. A 1000x thank you!
Out of respect for Mr. Phelps, I won’t post pics here.


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