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Superficial: What Lies Beneath

Superficial is an odd name for a comic about the world pantheon of goddesses. However, the name reflects the facade of the rich and powerful. Powerful people give off an intimidating air and it seems that they life of luxury, but their state of comfort is very…fragile.
In regards to the goddesses, the term superficial illustrates their fading power of the old neolythic religion of the Goddess. In the comic, so long as they operate clandestinely their power still holds. However, the instant they are discovered they will be reduced to either public servants like super heroes or hunted down out of fear. The world of mortals only respect deities when their powers are used in service of the powerless. To be anything else is demonic therefore there is a veil.
And Nami’s love of humans is a constant threat to that veil

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