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Pheelum Phylum Pholum Phum

Taxonomy Order : the practice and science of classification (always forget these when I need ’em)


Human Taxonomy

Extended scientific classification

The modern scientific classification of the human species contains many sub- and super- sections (each one being, ideally, a clade) which have been interpolated between the seven traditional Linnaean taxonomic ranks.

Humans are not only the sole surviving representatives of the genus Homo but also the only surviving representatives of the subtribe Hominina, which includes Australopithecus and other more anthropomorphic hominids.

Species believed to be ancestors are listed within higher taxa.

Proconsul africanus
  • Hominidae (Family) [great apes]
  • Homininae (Subfamily) [includes gorillas but not orangutans]
Pierolapithecus catalaunicus
  • Hominini (Tribe) [includes chimpanzees but not gorillas]
Sahelanthropus tchadensis, common ancestor with chimpanzees[citation needed]
Orrorin tugenensis, first species after split with chimpanzees[citation needed]
  • Hominina (Subtribe) [humans are the only surviving species]
Australopithecines: includes Paranthropus and Australopithecus

Homo habilis
Homo ergaster
Homo erectus
Homo heidelbergensis
  • Homo sapiens (Species)
Homo sapiens idaltu

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