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Felt-tip Faerie

The Orisha

Nana: Goddess of the Moon and sky

Oya: Goddess of violent winds and the gates of the underworld

Oshun: Goddess of love and art

: The Santeria version of Oshun

Creole Religions of the Caribbean
By Margarite Fernandez Olmos and Lizbeth Prarvisini-Gerbert

Clearly a New World creation, one story of Oshun tells about the sadness of the goddess of love as she watched her children forced from their home to be taken to a new land named Cuba. Oshun visited her sister Yemaya, to ask her advice. “It must be this way, Oshun. Our children will now go through the world spreading our wonders and millions will remember us and worship once again. But Oshun wanted to be with her and asked Yemaya who traveled the world over to describe Cuba to her. It is much like here: hot days, long nights, calm rivers, abundant vegetation, but not everyone is black like us; there are also many whites.

Oshun decided to join her suffering children in Cuba and asked her sister to grant her two favors before leaving. “Please make my hair straighter and my skin lighter so that all Cubans can see some of themselves in me.” Her wish was granted and Osun became beloved patron saint.


Aja: Goddess of the forest and animals.


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