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oaty23 (4:45:03 PM): hey
soleilsmile (4:45:39 PM): Haloo
soleilsmile (4:45:49 PM): How are you?
oaty23 (4:47:22 PM): ah great
oaty23 (4:47:31 PM): just been getting stuff done
oaty23 (4:47:51 PM): how about your self
soleilsmile (4:48:38 PM): Temping again and getting a lot of admin done for my comic
soleilsmile (4:48:48 PM): There are loose ends to tie up
soleilsmile (4:49:03 PM): Hard to do this just sitting at home
soleilsmile (4:49:08 PM): I wonder why that is
soleilsmile (4:49:19 PM): anyhoo.. DIdja surf today?
oaty23 (4:49:52 PM): no surf is gone
soleilsmile (4:50:00 PM): Aw
oaty23 (4:50:05 PM): i have a good surf story for you if youi are interested
soleilsmile (4:50:09 PM): you’ll have go chase a hurricane
soleilsmile (4:50:14 PM): Sure!
oaty23 (4:50:17 PM): i know!
oaty23 (4:50:31 PM): well surf has been great for the past week
soleilsmile (4:50:38 PM): Uh huh
oaty23 (4:50:43 PM): sometimes 8 foot faces
soleilsmile (4:50:51 PM): ^_^
oaty23 (4:50:55 PM): and i have been having a lotta fun with my new board
oaty23 (4:51:13 PM): but as the week whent by the surf started going down
oaty23 (4:51:40 PM): i whent out early the day before yesterday realy prety small,,
oaty23 (4:51:48 PM): we where just all waiting around
oaty23 (4:52:12 PM): so i got tired and started to take a little nap on my board
soleilsmile (4:52:17 PM): LOL
soleilsmile (4:52:30 PM): I didn’t know you could do that!
oaty23 (4:52:40 PM): then notices a big orange booie way out in the water
oaty23 (4:52:54 PM): so i decided to paddel out to it
oaty23 (4:53:45 PM): I started to paddel out and at first the rest of the surfers must have thought I saw somthing coming in but then after awile I was much to far out to catch any thing
oaty23 (4:54:22 PM): on my way out i noticed that the swell comming in was bigger then I thought it would be this far out in the ocean
soleilsmile (4:54:55 PM): go on
soleilsmile (4:55:00 PM): this is great!
oaty23 (4:55:01 PM): as i aproched the booie i noticed another surfer way out there padeling parrale along the coast
oaty23 (4:56:08 PM): and as I got to the booie he paddled by me and off into the fog,, he didnt realy say much ,, he must have thought I was invading his mid ocean privacy
oaty23 (4:56:48 PM): My arms where tired so i sat by the booie for a minunt looking down in to the dark green water
oaty23 (4:56:58 PM): then I turned around and paddles in
oaty23 (4:58:10 PM): nothing was hapaning back where the surfers where untill I got there and as if I brought them in a big wave picked up and I surfed it all the way back to the shore as if I had planned it that way all along,
soleilsmile (4:58:29 PM): HEhe!
oaty23 (4:59:00 PM): I surfed it all the way to the sand , actuly a prety long ride and got out and walked back to my car
soleilsmile (4:59:16 PM): I may use part of your story when I depict how Giermo encountered “Blanca” Mikka’s trained great white shark
oaty23 (4:59:40 PM): I am sure the rest of the surfers saw the whole thing as there was nothing elce going on in the water
soleilsmile (4:59:50 PM): Heheh
soleilsmile (4:59:55 PM): that’s my frog
oaty23 (5:00:09 PM): yeah I have some surfing voodoo to call the waves
oaty23 (5:00:25 PM): if i Lie on my board in a sertain way the waves come
oaty23 (5:00:42 PM): if a hilicopter flyes over head the waves come
oaty23 (5:00:54 PM): if i pee in my suit the waves come
soleilsmile (5:01:01 PM): ew! LOL
oaty23 (5:01:23 PM): i found a new secluded surf spot, its called ell segundo
soleilsmile (5:01:27 PM): You may as establish a “surfing Buddha”
oaty23 (5:02:06 PM): and there is rock jettie that sticks prety far out into the ocean hat creats good surf
oaty23 (5:02:41 PM): well the pelicans fly around this jetty surfing the air curents on incomming waves as they jorny down the coast
soleilsmile (5:03:13 PM): Do the dolphins swim with you?
oaty23 (5:03:19 PM): and if youi lie on your board not looking at them they will glide inches over your head
soleilsmile (5:03:35 PM): ^_^
oaty23 (5:03:42 PM): but if you sit up they will break formation and clime up into the air
oaty23 (5:03:58 PM): yeah sure there are always dolphins out there
soleilsmile (5:04:03 PM): aw

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