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Converstaion with the Gay Husband

[17:12] ThomasRayDesign: wow
[17:12] ThomasRayDesign: like they like it enough to maybe publish it?
[17:13] soleilsmile: They want my other comic in progress ” The Berkeley Clique” for their target market
[17:13] ThomasRayDesign: wow
[17:14] soleilsmile: It was more of a “Here are a few touch ups and please keep us posted thing”.
[17:14] ThomasRayDesign: ??
[17:14] soleilsmile: They also like to develop comics from the start instead of having developed comics
[17:14] ThomasRayDesign: so what does that mean?
[17:15] soleilsmile: I have a new reader–plus he wants me to submit the Berekeley Clique for development by Tokyo Pop
[17:15] soleilsmile: He like READ my comic right in front of me , instead of just flipping through the pages
[17:16] ThomasRayDesign: wow
[17:16] ThomasRayDesign: impressive
[17:16] soleilsmile: He had the same advice you gave me–MORE dialogue and less stand along pages with little or no dialogue on it
[17:17] soleilsmile: I must be a better wirter than I though–so I need to take some screenwriting classes to impove my writing
[17:17] ThomasRayDesign: I AM A GENIOUS!!!
[17:17] soleilsmile: Yes YOU ARE my dear editor!
[17:17] ThomasRayDesign: but i can’t spell 😦
[17:17] ThomasRayDesign: LMAO
[17:17] ThomasRayDesign: i just know what I want
[17:17] soleilsmile: He noted my typos
[17:17] soleilsmile: I can’t believe he actually READ IT
[17:18] ThomasRayDesign: why?
[17:18] soleilsmile: and quoted my dialogue back to me as I left!
[17:18] ThomasRayDesign: like what?
[17:18] soleilsmile: Well you expect people to look at the art more than read
[17:18] soleilsmile: people hate reading
[17:18] ThomasRayDesign: you do?
[17:19] soleilsmile: I like reading, but I guess I am used to people who judge film storyboards–noyt comics
[17:19] ThomasRayDesign: i see
[17:19] ThomasRayDesign: as a comic book editor I would imagine he would want to see that the story was on par with the illustration
[17:20] soleilsmile: if there are any words in a film at all—even screen directions on a board–people complain
[17:20] soleilsmile: The art is supposed to tell the story
[17:20] ThomasRayDesign: i see
[17:20] ThomasRayDesign: eww
[17:20] soleilsmile: but I gather your meaning—a publisher will check to see if you can write
[17:20] ThomasRayDesign: a little dialogue is needed sometimes
[17:20] ThomasRayDesign: right
[17:21] soleilsmile: wow… I can sort of write
[17:21] soleilsmile: who knew?
[17:21] soleilsmile: at least he didn’t critque me on it
[17:21] ThomasRayDesign: lol
[17:21] soleilsmile: He had more art directions issues with my comic and concentrated on that
[17:21] soleilsmile: he want the whole book to look like my covers
[17:22] ThomasRayDesign: wow
[17:22] soleilsmile: simple, with a limited palette
[17:22] ThomasRayDesign: that is gonna be a lot of work
[17:22] soleilsmile: The covers are the hardest part of the comic, so I will need some help if I publish the Berkeley Clique with them
[17:23] soleilsmile: Otherwise each book will take 6mos for me to do like Our Fiends and Neighbors
[17:23] soleilsmile: That one was MURDER
[17:23] ThomasRayDesign: i can imagine
[17:23] soleilsmile: I even had to cop out on a few backgrounds–as you noticed
[17:23] ThomasRayDesign: lol
[17:24] ThomasRayDesign: i just know your style
[17:24] soleilsmile: Yeah
[17:24] soleilsmile: and I shall remedey those ailments before self publishing the book as a collection in December
[17:25] ThomasRayDesign: good good
[17:25] soleilsmile: And I am commadeering you to help me with that dear gay husband
[17:26] ThomasRayDesign: lol I will do what I can… I start senior collection this fall so I am gonna be a little insane myself
[17:26] soleilsmile: I can’t wait to draw telling Sakura that she’s just a clothes hanger for your fashions in the winter issue of Superfical
[17:26] ThomasRayDesign: but I will help where I can
[17:26] ThomasRayDesign: LMAO
[17:26] soleilsmile: I won’t bug you too much
[17:26] ThomasRayDesign: nor can I wait to read it
[17:26] soleilsmile: But I kow you can’t help but comment when you see a flaw
[17:26] ThomasRayDesign: it is ok just be understanding if I don’t respond
[17:27] soleilsmile: I’ll just send a link or a hard ciopy to you when I’m done
[17:27] ThomasRayDesign: sounds good
[17:28] soleilsmile: πŸ™‚
[17:29] ThomasRayDesign: oi… I gotta tell ya I am so in LIKE with this boy
[17:29] soleilsmile: LOL
[17:29] soleilsmile: You two sorta look alike too
[17:30] ThomasRayDesign: that is what I have been told
[17:30] ThomasRayDesign: but I have also been told that I am narcasistic too
[17:30] ThomasRayDesign: LMAO
[17:31] ThomasRayDesign: i guess this proves it
[17:37] soleilsmile: Well just appreciate beauty wherever you see it–even if it’s mostly within yourself. That whay I like about you Vanity Smurf^_^
[17:37] ThomasRayDesign: LMAO
[17:37] soleilsmile: I was a bit leery about calling you that
[17:38] soleilsmile: Happy you not mad
[17:38] ThomasRayDesign: why I am
[17:38] ThomasRayDesign: i know what I am
[17:38] ThomasRayDesign: and vain is certainly one thing that I can be
[17:38] soleilsmile: Well, you are desreved of the trait
[17:38] soleilsmile: You ARE beautiful
[17:39] soleilsmile: There are too many guys who have no confidence in themselves
[17:39] soleilsmile: They drive me NUTS
[17:39] soleilsmile: fricken fishers
[17:39] ThomasRayDesign: lol
[17:39] soleilsmile: Sometimes it’s endearing, like with my friedn Franz
[17:40] soleilsmile: But ex-beau Aaron and his chronic depression just enrages me
[17:40] ThomasRayDesign: Franz irritated me
[17:40] ThomasRayDesign: LMAO
[17:40] ThomasRayDesign: sorry but he was to insecure
[17:40] soleilsmile: Different Franz
[17:41] soleilsmile: This is lab tech Franz I am speaking of
[17:41] ThomasRayDesign: oh ok
[17:41] ThomasRayDesign: lol
[17:41] soleilsmile: He’s an underdog—but not a loser
[17:41] soleilsmile: Just a little diamond in the rough
[17:41] ThomasRayDesign: i see
[17:42] soleilsmile: He’s just very hunble
[17:42] soleilsmile: but bent on improving himself
[17:42] soleilsmile: good puppy
[17:42] ThomasRayDesign: lol
[17:44] soleilsmile: I Just bought these “in ear” head phones for my pod
[17:44] soleilsmile: weirdness
[17:45] ThomasRayDesign: the ones that sit in real deep
[17:45] ThomasRayDesign: yeah I know
[17:46] soleilsmile: It’s like inserting a babblefish from the “Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy”, in your ear
[17:46] soleilsmile: But at least I don’t have to blast my pod anymore
[17:46] soleilsmile: Ofra Haza sounds really good
[17:46] soleilsmile: sing it girl
[17:48] ThomasRayDesign: lol

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