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Women Love to Watch Gay Porn (you stupid fucking man…)

Why are men soooooooooo stupid? It is like they are completely oblivious to the fact that to us (women), they are pornographic sex objects (just like we are to them). A few things to note:

1. We watch gay porn. It is partly for the fetish aspect, and partly because the guys in gay porn are fit, young and totally hot.
2. We fantasize about naked men all of the time (who are young, hot, and NOT our boyfriends/husbands/whatever). We think about sex all the time and totally lie about it.
3. We see you all as pieces of ass–we undress you with our eyes, and we discuss your private parts openly with our girlfriends.
4. A lot of us fantasize about dominating men (a lot more than you would think, the dominatrix next door could be your girlfriend). A lot of women think about fucking you with a strap-on.
5. We like to physically objectify you…when you are walking, when you are bending over, when you are sleeping…you are never safe.
6. A lot of us like the idea of sexually controlling you.
7. We go to strip clubs–to look at hot naked men, stupid. Unless we are lesbian or bisexual we don’t want to see other women’s bodies.
8. We like men to be hot–if you are an ugly man with a hot chick then a. she’s using you for cash which she promptly uses to pay her young stud or b. she is gay and is getting it on with other women.
9. We fantasize about multiple men.
10. We like younger men. We sometimes use older men for money–but they are not our definition of sexually attractive.
11. A lot of us lie like hell about our tendencies–this is a tiny glimpse of honesty.

As we get older, we get worse (but some of us start out really nasty when we’re young). The sooner you realize that we see you the way you see us, the easier life will be for all of us. Now shut your face and get to the gym you fat ugly bastard, and let your girlfriend watch her gay porn in peace!!

p.s. If you were better at giving your girlfriend head, she would not be turning to women, now would she?? Fucking loser…

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